Good doctor on TF1: what awaits you in season 4 on TV

TF1 broadcasts from this Wednesday evening the new season 4 of “Good Doctor”, the opportunity to take a little overview of what awaits you in this new series of episodes.

From this Wednesday, August 25 from 9:05 pm, TF1 will broadcast season 4 still unpublished in France of Good Doctor. This medical series like no other follows Shaun Murphy, played by Freddie Highmore, a surgeon with Asperger’s syndrome who will have to fight to prove himself in the prestigious San José hospital.

Season 3 of the series, which aired last November on the front page, ended with a final shock that saw several main characters find themselves under the rubble after an earthquake.

While everyone seemed to be fine, Dr. Neil Melendez played by Nicholas Gonzalez actually had serious internal injuries, which could not be treated. He died in hospital after being able to say goodbye to his former boss Glassman, his ex-girlfriend Audrey (Christina Chang), and the one who could have become his future girlfriend, Claire (Antonia Thomas).

Good doctor on tf1: what awaits you in season 4 - news séries on tv
Good doctor on tf1

On the occasion of the broadcast of season 4 of Good Doctor on TF1, discover what awaits you in this new series of episodes.

Double episodes centered on the Covid epidemic

Like Grey’s Anatomy or This is Us, Good Doctor has made the choice to include the Covid-19 pandemic in the storylines of season 4, thanks to a double opening episode centered on the subject. The first episode begins just before the Covid-19 epidemic flares up.

Then, as in the rest of California, Saint-Bonaventure was overwhelmed by the epidemic. Doctors isolate themselves from their loved ones so as not to risk infecting them. Shaun is frustrated at not being able to see Leah, who was about to move back in with him. He accommodates Park, who no longer returns to Phoenix. Andrews has set up a studio in his garage.

Claire and Lim became friends following Melendez’s death. New symptoms of Covid keep appearing, which pushes doctors to their limits, especially Shaun who hates the unexpected. Lim does his best not to run out of material. Glassman, on the other hand, despairs having to stay locked up in his home, and his relationship with Debbie suffers.

The return of an ancient character

Actress Beau Garrett who camped in the first season Jessica Preston, the former hospital lawyer will make a small appearance in the opening episode of this season 4.

Fans of the series have certainly not forgotten this character who worked as a lawyer in the hospital and was also in a relationship with Neil Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) during the first half of season 1.

But once their relationship ended, Jessica had lost her importance, her only connection to the rest of the heroes being her friendship with Doctor Glassman. She had therefore ended up being dismissed by the writers at the end of season 1. If her passage will be brief, it will nonetheless please the fans of the first hour.

Good doctor on tf1: what awaits you in season 4 on tvJeff Weddell / ABC / Sony Pictures Television

A Dr. House intrigue

The creator of Good Doctor, David Shore, who is also the mastermind behind Dr. House, will be self-inspired for season 4 of a plot of the famous series with Hugh Laurie.

This new round of episodes will welcome four new medical residents who will compete with each other to prove that they deserve their place at St. Bonaventure Hospital without knowing how many positions are to be filled. They will be supervised by their elders, Shaun (Freddie Highmore), Claire (Antonia Thomas) and Park (Will Yun Lee).

This plot, which will therefore serve as a common thread throughout the season, is reminiscent of that of season 4 of Dr House, which saw the doctor launch a competition during which 40 candidates had to fight for 3 positions within the hospital.

In the Newcomers, we can find Noah Galvin (The Real O’Neals) who will play Dr. Asher Wolke, an Orthodox Jew who has decided to move away from his beliefs to enter medical school.

There will also be Summer Brown, who will play Dr. Olivia Jackson, a Harvard and Oxford graduate who feels bad about herself despite her great achievements, as well as Bria Samoné Henderson (Mrs America), who will play Dr. Jordan Allen. , a very active believer who finds her strength in daily prayer and who does not lack ambition.

Brian Marc will complete the cast by lending his features to Dr. Enrique “Ricky” Guerin, a not lazy surfer with no shortage of experience.

End clap for Antonia Thomas

Bad news for the fans: Antonia Thomas, alias Claire Brown, will say goodbye to the series at the end of season 4. The actress, who explained that she now wanted to devote herself to new projects. Did not however closed the door to a guest return in future episodes.

The actress who has been around since the show’s debut also revealed that her decision to leave Good Doctor has been made since the end of Season 3, which was particularly trying for Claire’s character. The latter had indeed lost her mother in a car accident, before bidding farewell to Dr. Melendez.

In the second part of the final episode of season 4, Claire will perform for the first time a long and complex operation that will allow her to save the life of her patient. As she drives to the airport, she is offered a position in a Guatemalan clinic that she decides to accept.

Good doctor on tf1: what awaits you in season 4 on tvJeff Weddell / ABC / Sony Pictures Television

A new couple … put to the test

The final minutes of Season 3 saw Shaun and Leah exchange a kiss, sealing their budding relationship. This new burst of episodes will therefore see the two lovebirds learn to tame.

If their love story gets off to a flying start, all will not be rosy for the young couple. Without saying too much, in the middle of this season 4, Shaun and Lea will learn great news.  That will turn their lives upside down. However, they will have to face a tragedy that risks putting their marriage in danger.

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