Gone Forever On Netflix: Where Have You Seen The Cast Before?

Gone Forever On Netflix Where Have You Seen The Cast Before?

French adaptation of the eponymous book published in 2002, Disappeared forever is the new miniseries proposed by the king of detective novels Harlan Coben. Set in Nice, the plot follows Guillaume, whose fate was turned upside down by the death of his childhood sweetheart and the disappearance of his brother, Fred, that same evening. Ten years later, while he tries to rebuild his life, it is Judith, the woman he wishes to marry, who vanishes.

Very quickly, the hero will discover that the two dramas are linked. Behind a scenario full of twists and turns, the program finds its real interest in its very beautiful distribution. Return on the notable films and series of each member of the cast.

Finnegan Oldfield

He embodies Guillaume, the hero of Gone forever. For a few years now, Finnegan Oldfield has been building a series of successful projects. Nominated for the César for best male newcomer on two occasions – for The Cowboys in 2016 and Marvin or the beautiful education in 2018 -, he was recently in the film Gagarin alongside Lyna Khoudri and will share the poster of La Terre des hommes with Diane Rouxel on August 25. Soon, he will be in Michel Hazanavicius’ next film, Z (like Z) with Romain Duris and Bérénice Bejo.

Nailia harzoune

Gone Forever On Netflix: Where Have You Seen The Cast BeforeNetflix

Nailia Harzoune plays the mysterious Judith, who disappears without leaving a trace. In the cinema, the actress has already given the answer to Sophie Marceau in La Taularde in 2014. She was also on the bill for two great successes: Chouf by Karim Dridi in 2015 and the film Patients by Grand Corps Malade and Mehdi Idir. She plays Samia, a young woman in a wheelchair.

Garance Marillier

Gone Forever On Netflix: Where Have You Seen The Cast BeforeNetflix

If her face says something to you, it’s okay. Garance Marillier, who lends her features to a double character in Gone forever, was revealed by Julia Ducournau’s film Grave. She plays a veterinary student – and a vegetarian – who will sink into cannibalism. Nominated for the César for best female hope for this role, she finds the director for the third time in Titane, crowned Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival on July 17. She was also in Madame Claude, available on Netflix.

Tomas Lemarquis

Gone Forever On Netflix: Where Have You Seen The Cast BeforeNetflix

Very disturbing and more complex than it seems in the series, Tomas Lemarquis is a Franco-Icelandic comedian who had already shot under the direction of Juan Carlos Medina – the director of Gone forever – for Insensibles in 2012. Active internationally, he played for Bong Joon-ho in Snowpiercer, Le Transperceneige, for Bryan Singer in X-Men: Apocalypse, but also in front of the lens of Canadian Denis Villeneuve in Blade Runner 2049 with Ryan Gosling.

Nicolas Duvauchelle

Gone Forever On Netflix: Where Have You Seen The Cast BeforeBestimage

Revealed in The Little Thief by Erick Zonca in 1999, Nicolas Duvauchelle has since made a place of choice in French cinema. Before Gone forever, a series in which he plays Fred, Guillaume’s supposedly dead brother, he shot for Benoît Jacquot in A tout de suite, for Maïwenn in Polisse, or for Daniel Auteuil with La Fille du bienatier. He will soon be in the Diane de Poitiers mini-series with Isabelle Adjani and Jean Reno.

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