Golden Globes 2021: what are the four French chances?

France will have four possibilities to win an award at the next Golden Globes, with the nominations of Tahar Rahim, Alexandre Desplat, Florian Zeller and the feature film “Deux”.

Golden globes 2021: what are the four french chances?
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The French cinema will have four representatives at the next Golden Globes ceremony, which will take place on February 28. The actor Tahar Rahim, the composer Alexandre Desplat, the director, screenwriter and writer Florian Zeller and the feature film Deux are indeed among the nominated announced this Wednesday at the beginning of the afternoon. Staff round.

The comedian Tahar Rahim will be nominated in the Best Dramatic Actor category for his performance in Designated Guilty (in theaters on April 7), where he plays a Mauritanian that his country delivered to the United States then in full terrorist paranoia following the September 11 attacks 2001. The man, who spent years in prison without charge or trial, was released in October 2016. A film based on a true story.

Tahar Rahim, who won the César for Best Actor in 2010 for A Prophet, will he be crowned a big decade later at the Golden Globes? If he leaves with the award, it means that he will have been preferred to, please, Gary Oldman and Anthony Hopkins!

Of them, directed by Filippo Meneghetti, will be nominated in the Best Foreign Language Film category alongside, in particular, Drunk by Thomas Vinterberg. Released in theaters earlier this year, the feature film tells the secret love story of two sixty-year-old neighbors.

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A great regular at award ceremonies, the composer Alexander Desplat will be part of the 2021 Golden Globes. He is indeed nominated for the score of the SF drama Midnight in the Universe, directed by George Clooney and available on the Netflix platform.

Finally, the writer Florian Zeller is nominated (along with Christopher Hampton) for the screenplay for The Father, his first directorial film for the big screen, in theaters on April 7 and also in the categories of Best Drama, Best Dramatic Actor and Best Supporting Actress in Drama for Olivia Colman. The feature film, carried by Antony hopkins, tells the story of a father who,as he ages and becomes less and less independent, refuses his daughter’s help. Seeing the situation deteriorate, he begins to doubt his loved ones, his own mind and even what is real.

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