God Coast Nightlife: 10 Best Clubs And Bars To Party At With Pals


While in Rome, do as the Romans do. And while on the Gold Coast, just party! This beautiful coastal Queensland town has become a popular destination for partygoers. famous for Australia is famous for long and sandy beaches Gold Coast Nightlife. The beaches on the Gold Coast have also become a nightlife haven, and thousands of people flock here every year to party at one of the many world-class nightclubs.

Gold Coast Nightlife: Top 10 Clubs

Here is a list of the best clubs and bars that have become the epitome of nightlife in this amazing city. Make sure you visit these places to lift your mood and improve your night:

  • melba on the park
  • route
  • platinum night club
  • vanity night club
  • sin city
  • underground night club
  • somewhere
  • Cocktail Night Club
  • love nightlife
  • bedroom

1. Melba on the Park

melba is on the park


Melba on the park is an old one Underground Nightclubs in Gold Coast, This is always the place in town where the party happens. There is a restaurant and bar on the ground level that serves delicious snacks and cocktails, but if you’re looking for fun, this is the first level you should go to. Filled with all kinds of lights and lit up from top to bottom, the huge dance floor comes alive with music all night long. Melba symbol in the park Gold Coast Nightlife.

Place: Surfers Paradise Beach
Time: 11 am – 3 am
Cost for two: 3800 rupees

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2. Avenue



Avenue only recently unveiled a new location (which is right across the street from the old location), but it has quickly become one of the liveliest Gold Coast clubs. A soundproof dancefloor that now plays new trendy numbers instead of the old school Natebush and Macarena, the place is now a hip nightclub. The restaurant/bar offers fine Italian and Australian cuisine and cocktails.

Place: Surfers Beach Paradise
Time: 11 am – 3 am
Cost for two: 3800 rupees

3. Platinum Night Club

platinum night club


Platinum Nightclub offers the best music Gold Coast Nightlife Scene. It has hosted international celebs such as Will Sparks, Timmy Trumpet, New World Sound, Cairo, Brooklyn and Tigerlily. It also supports some more obscure music genres. There is a special night called Eden for psy-trance and progressive music. Eden, which supports budding local talents, was recently hosted by sensation Darud.

Place: broad beach
Time: 9 pm – 2 am
Cost for two: 5100 rupees

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4. Vanity Night Club

vanity night club


must visit someone Gold Coast Nightlife Guide, Vanity Nightclub is a paradise for every party lover. While the dance floor is a wild place with music and drinks and hosted by some amazing DJs, there is a quiet VIP lounge untouched by all the noise. You can also reserve booths here for private parties if you’re a group. The restaurants and bars are not too expensive for a high-end venue and offer good pub grub that matches perfectly with the atmosphere.

Place: Surfers Paradise
Time: 9 pm to 5 am
Cost for two: 4500 rupees

5. Sin City

sin city


Of all the Gold Coast clubs, perhaps none can boast a bigger star patron than Sin City, where Justin Bieber is known to be a regular visitor. Modeled after the hip bars of Los Angeles, Sin City Nightclub boasts a lavish staff and extremely talented bartenders. Ciroc Bar is their VIP lounge and is the ideal place to sit and relax after a night on the dance floor. Sin City is one of the best places to taste it Gold Coast Nightlife,

Place: Surfers Paradise
Time: 9 pm to 5 am
Cost for two: 3500 rupees

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6. Underground Night Club

underground night club


The Underground is a relatively new entry on the nightclub scene but it has already earned a reputation for being one of the best nightclubs on the Gold Coast. Veteran bar owners Crazy Horse Showgirls and Bourbon Bar banded together after closing shops at their respective establishments. Their experience makes it clear, Underground Nightclub is one of the best places to party. The focus here is on rhythm and blues, and stars such as Sean Kingston have performed here. Ladies Night Gold Coast is another popular event at the Underground Nightclub.

Place: Surfers Paradise
Time: 9 pm to 5 am

7. Elsewhere



Elsewhere the Gold Coast is one of the major venues for international events played in the city. The owners have artistic sensibilities that patrons respect, making it one of the few nightclubs on the Gold Coast that is as popular with music lovers as it is with party-goers. However, on normal nights, it looks like one of those Gold Coast bars with a retro interior and amazing cocktails. Make sure you stop here to have finger food with a beer.

Place: Surfers Paradise
Time: 9 pm – 4 am

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8. Cocktail Night Club

Cocktail Night Club


Cocktail Nightclub has been a popular hangout for revelers since it opened in 1989. However, much of the building was destroyed in a fire in 2002, and the place was closed for renovation for a year. Although the ground level never reopened, this nightclub bounced back and is ruling the nightclub scene again. With renovated decor, friendly and accommodating DJs and very polite staff, they are winning back their fans. The ‘Best Dressed’ competition, always a major competition, is very popular and you can expect to see some of the best dressed people from all the clubs on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Place: Surfers Paradise
Time: 8 pm to 5 am
Cost for two: 3000 rupees

9. Love nightlife

love nightlife


The best nightclub outside of Surfers Paradise, Love Nightlife is a regular host to international music acts like Havana Brown and Jason Derulo. Apart from these, there are regular lingerie fashion shows here (Maxim Model Search is held here), and the international clientele gives the staff here a level of comfort that you won’t find at other places that offer Gold Coast Nightlife, The quirky ambiance of the place and well-dressed bartenders and waiters make it doubly attractive for your night out.

Time: 9 pm – 3 am

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10. Bedroom



Often cited as the best nightclub in Surfers Paradise, The Bedroom is known for its extra attentive and polite staff and has been credited by many reviewers for its meteoric rise. This place gets its name from the huge queen-sized beds located behind it. You’ll definitely find tourists here as well as locals, and the cheeseburgers are amazing. International celebs like Justin Bieber, Calvin Harris and Skrillex have also often been spotted partying here, so the glamor level is definitely high!

Place: Surfers Paradise
Time: 9 pm to 5 am

Gold Coast Nightlife Tips

girls dancing

here are some Gold Coast Nightlife Tips You should keep this in mind when you plan to travel to a destination in the early hours of the night. Take a look at these tips and let us know which of these tips worked for you:

  • If you’re planning to have drinks with your friends, book a hotel with a bar. This way, you will save some cash.
  • Don’t drink too much and don’t cause trouble to the bar staff.
  • Ask your hotel staff Gold Coast Nightlife Recommendations.
  • Do not go swimming in any canal late at night. You might bump into a shark.
  • Try a few different locations to enjoy variety Gold Coast Nightlife You have to present.

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If you are looking for a beach vacation with great nightlife, then you should book a trip to Australia and check out the amazing nightlife of the Gold Coast with its wild beaches and parties. You will have the time of your life. We assure you that the Gold Coast nightlife will delight you all with all its features. Go ahead and enjoy the debauchery in the nightclubs and pubs of the Gold Coast!

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