Going to the cinema is no longer the favorite pastime of the French – Actus Ciné

Le Figaro has just unveiled the results of the study How do the French spend their free time? The cinema is only in 16th position in the ranking.

Going to the cinema is no longer the favorite pastime of the french - actus ciné

Le Figaro has just unveiled the results of the study “How do the French spend their free time?” carried out by Vertigo Research for Hobby One last December. 14,000 people aged 11 and over were interviewed.

It shows that screens capture more than 60% of our free time. “Watching movies” is in fourth position in the ranking with 8.8% of the votes behind “Discussing on social networks” (15.9%), “Following the news” (10%) and “Playing video games” (9 .7%). On the other hand, “Go to the cinema” only appears in 16th position in the ranking with only 1.9% of the responses.

Going to the cinema is no longer the favorite pastime of the french - actus ciné
Vertigo Research

Cinema, the big loser of the pandemic

With the pandemic, habits have been completely upset, indoor activities have taken precedence over outdoor activities.

The first 9 positions in the ranking are almost all held by activities that require a screen: “watching a broadcast”, “watching series”, “watching videos on the internet”, “following sports in the media” are now ahead of activities outside the home such as “shopping”, “playing sports”, “going to a restaurant”, “going to a cultural place”… “Reading books” is in 12th position with 3.7% of voice.

The study reveals that this addiction to screens concerns all generations, although each age group has its favorites. Thus, the youngest are especially in front of Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok or Netflix, while the 35-49 year olds navigate between Facebook, Netflix, Youtube and TF1. People over 60 prefer television, especially the France 2 and TF1 channels.

Habits related to confinements have become permanent

Sylvain Bethenod, president of the marketing research company Vertigo Research, explains to Le Figaro: “The confinements have not only forced young people to stay at home. They created a habit and this now has an impact on leisure consumption. When you’re on your sofa scrolling through short videos on your screen, when you’re interacting with others on social networks, leaving your home, going to the cinema, becomes an effort“.

He adds “To move people, the content must be strong and very attractive“. This is what happened last December with the release of the film Marvel Spider-Man: No Way Home which has so far reached 7.3 million spectators in France.

Since the release of the film with Tom Holland, theaters have struggled to bring viewers back. According to CNC estimates, attendance at French cinemas has also recorded its lowest level for the month of March since 1999 with 13.19 million spectators (against 12.6 million in 1999).

Despite an enticing program, the expected release of the films The Batman and Notre-Dame brule and the Printemps du Cinéma, which brought 3.1 million spectators to cinemas, cinema attendance in March fell by 29.7% compared to 2019 (18.75 million).

The first quarter of 2022 recorded 36.9 million spectators, a figure down 37.5% compared to 2019 (59.1 million) but also compared to 2020 (38.3 million tickets sold), yet marked by the closing of cinemas on March 14.

Let’s hope for the school holidays and the release of the sequels to the hit movies Sonic 2, What on earth did we all do? and Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets make viewers want to return to theaters and discover all the richness of the 7th Art.

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