Godzilla vs Kong: what other ending was on the cards?  - Cinema News

Godzilla vs Kong: what other ending was on the cards? – Cinema News

Guest of a question-and-answer session on Reddit, director Adam Wingard briefly mentioned the ending he had initially envisioned for “Godzilla vs Kong”, available for digital purchase since April 22 in France.

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WARNING – The article below contains spoilers, as it relates to the ending of “Godzilla vs Kong”. So please go your way if you haven’t seen it yet.

Since April 22, Godzilla vs Kong has been visible in France, because it is available for digital purchase while a theatrical release is not excluded, depending on the reopening dates. Anyway, the French public was able to discover the summit confrontation orchestrated by Adam Wingard, and his winner. But his ending could have been slightly different.

Not the outcome, which sees the two sacred monsters unite to defeat Mechagodzilla, robotic version of the giant lizard, but the very last scene of the feature film: “The original ending simply showed Godzilla swimming in the ocean”, explained the director during a Q&A session on Reddit. “But it seemed to me that it didn’t fit well with Kong’s story.” Because if he was dominated during the story, the giant gorilla embodies the heart, as the director had told us in the interview.

And so, after making peace, the two creatures set off on their own: Godzilla in the seabed, and King Kong in the Hollow Earth that the feature film explored a little earlier, and where are his own as well as other giant monsters. As a way to separate them in a draw.

Team Godzilla or Team Kong? The film crew chooses its camp:

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