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Released in the world less than a month ago, “Godzilla vs Kong” has just passed the $ 400 million mark in worldwide revenue. And this success could give rise to a sequel, again directed by Adam Wingard.

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At first glance, Godzilla vs Kong presents itself as the culmination of the MonsterVerse, this shared universe bringing together some of the most mythical creatures in the history of cinema, launched in 2014 with the reboot signed Gareth Edwards.

But the feature film has just passed the $ 400 million mark in worldwide revenue, making it the most successful for a Hollywood blockbuster since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. And gives desires away to the Warner and Legendary Pictures.

In any case, this is what reveals The Hollywood Reporter, adding that Adam Wingard, director of Godzilla vs Kong, would be in negotiations to get back behind the camera. Not surprisingly, insofar as he openly expressed his desire to extend the adventure. He would thus become the first director to sign two MonsterVerse opus, Gareth Edwards, Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Skull Island) and Michael Dougherty (Godzilla 2) having gone to other horizons after having taken their first steps there.

At present, this sequel project is still unclear. Because he has not yet officially a director, and even less a date of shooting and release, or title. But it is rumored that the feature film could be called Son of Kong, like the film released in 1933 and which followed the very first King Kong.

If this is confirmed, the film should not offer us a new clash with Godzilla, but rather focus on King Kong, which Adam Wingard already considered to be the heart of his opus. In view of the very last scene of the feature film, available since April 22 for digital purchase in France, it even seems easy to guess where the action will take place.

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