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Clement Cusseau

Clement Cusseau


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What should you know about the animated series “Godzilla: the origin of the invasion” which arrives exclusively on Netflix this Thursday, June 24?


The story takes us into the daily lives of Mei Kamino, a researcher, and Yun Arikawa, an engineer, as they face an unprecedented threat with their companions.

Godzilla: The Origin of the Invasion (13 episodes) – Available on Netflix


In order to avoid any misunderstanding, let us state at the outset that Godzilla: the origin of the invasion is not the sequel to the Godzilla trilogy of films (Planet of the Monsters, The City of Dawn of Battle, The Eater of Planets) also airing on Netflix.

Unfolding nowadays, Godzilla: the origin of the invasion follows new adventures of the king of the Kaijûs; sort of reboot of the film franchise, the animated series sees iconic monsters from the license make a comeback, as well as the superhero Jet Jaguar, born in 1972 from the imagination of a young fan following a contest organized by the legendary Toho studio.

Directed by Atsushi Takahashi (Blue Exorcist – the movie), the 13-episode anime is produced by Bones (My Hero Academia) and Orange (Beastars) studios; Note that the design of the creatures is by Eiji Yamamori, a true legend of Japanese animation, known in particular for his work on many Ghibli productions (My neighbors the Yamada and Spirited Away in particular).

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