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While “Gloria” ended tonight, TF1 has not yet made a decision about a possible season 2. But what could this sequel look like? First elements of answer thanks to season 2 of the original series “Keeping Faith”.

Gloria’s quest for truth came to an end this evening on TF1. The finale of the event series worn by Cécile Bois, Barbara Schulz, and JoeyStarr indeed saw David Meyers (Michaël Cohen) reappear in the life of his family and tell his wife in detail the reasons for his disappearance and his unhappy association. with the Braks.

Unable to forgive him, Gloria decides to leave him and learns from Clarisse (Mariama Gueye) that the case incriminating David has been sent to the prosecutor and that it is only a matter of time before her husband pays for it. his mistakes and be sent to prison.

This closed end, which solves all the mysteries of the season, therefore leaves only the future of David Meyers in suspense. Will Gloria manage, thanks to her talents as a lawyer, to avoid a heavy condemnation and to allow her to see her daughters grow up? And above all, will she want to ensure her defense after all he has made her endure? “We’ll see,” admits the heroine camped by Cécile Bois to Clarisse in the very last seconds of the final.

At present, despite the very good ratings achieved by the first four episodes, no decision seems to have yet been taken by TF1 about a possible second season. But if the channel and the production wanted to continue the adventures of Gloria Meyers, they would not have to look too far for inspiration since Keeping Faith, the British series of which Gloria is the adaptation, has had three seasons since 2017.

A season 2 at the Broadchurch for the original series from which Gloria is adapted

So what could a possible season 2 say? What we can say is that the second round of Keeping Faith episodes somewhat follows in Broadchurch’s footsteps, offering a new mystery and a new detective plot. The action resumes 18 months after the events of the last episode of Season 1. Evan (David), the heroine’s husband – who is called Faith in this original version – was sentenced to four years in prison for laundering money on behalf of the Reardon family.

For her part, Faith therefore inherits a new case as a lawyer. A local farmer, Will Vaughan, was found dead, shot twice. And everything seems to blame his wife, Madlen. Against the advice of her stepfather, who reminds her that the victim was one of their biggest clients, Faith decides to defend Madlen and to prove her innocence at all costs. But will she succeed?

Evan, who could well be released for good behavior and who knew Will, will also find himself involved in this story of homicide. While at the same time Faith, who continues to get closer to Steve Baldini (Stan), will understand that she has not finished paying for her husband’s mistakes. Indeed, Gael Reardon (Gaëlle Brak in the French version), the local mafia with whom Evan had dealt, will reappear in the life of the heroine and ask her for a “service” which could allow her to finally pay off her debt. .

Obviously, nothing says that the writers of Gloria will decide to follow the plot of Keeping Faith in the event of season 2. They could just as well imagine a completely original sequel, like what the authors of the season 2 of Infidèle. But if TF1 and Quad Télévision opt for a fairly faithful transposition, then the continuation of the (mis) adventures of Gloria and David Meyers could look like this. The future will tell.

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Gloria on TF1: what do the actors of the original series Keeping Faith look like?

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