Gloria Gaynor Makes a Handwashing Video – and the World Goes Wild

Gloria Gaynor Makes a Handwashing Video – and the World Goes Wild

Gloria Gaynor is one of the most iconic singers of the disco era. Her top ten singles I Will Survive and Never Can Say Goodbye remain two of the greatest staples in disco music.

Today, there have been worries about the coronavirus and how it has been spreading around the world. But Gaynor has helped released a new video all about the importance of handwashing during this time. The video has quickly become the hottest new viral hit. The video also comes at a great time, as people are learning more about how important it is for them to wash their hands and use the proper standards for sanitation in their lives.

Gloria gaynor makes a handwashing video
Gloria gaynor makes a handwashing video

The Background

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that anyone who washes one’s hands should do so for about twenty seconds. The CDC states that the 20-second timeframe is about the time it would take to sing the Happy Birthday song.

Many people have been coming up with different ways to sing something while washing one’s hands. These include various entertaining songs that are a little more different from what people might expect.

Gloria Gaynor has become more visible here. Gaynor posted a video on TikTok, which was a part of a campaign to try and encourage people to wash their hands appropriately and effectively.

Gaynor showed on her video that people could sing her classic song I Will Survive when washing their hands in twenty seconds. She shared the video and her music to let people know what they can do when washing.

The video was also posted online through her Twitter feed at @gloriagaynor. The tweet is part of the #iwillsurvivechallenge.

The video has been travelling around Twitter with thousands of forwards and likes. The message is helping to make it easier for people to move forward and be clean and considerate. The event is a sign of how many people are getting together to find ways to keep the coronavirus from being any more severe than what it could end up becoming.

A Big Movement

Gaynor’s new video is part of an effort to get more people to use proper hygiene standards to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and other viruses. Journalist Jen Monnier posted a thread on Twitter that highlights some of the many songs that people could sing when washing their hands. These include songs ranging from Lizzo’s Truth Hurts to Toto’s Africa. Many other Twitter users responded with additional suggestions. These include sensible options like Cher’s Believe to comedic suggestions like John Cage’s silent composition 4’33”.

Meanwhile, a developer in the United Kingdom has created the website to highlight lyrics that can work when washing one’s hands. The site reviews lyrics on and auto-fills them into a chart based on how the song is arranged. For instance, one poster floating around Twitter shows a twelve-step hand washing technique that features the lyrics to Bobby Pickett’s novelty hit Monster Mash. There are many other examples available.

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