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Gladiator : cheveux et électricité statique, l'étonnante anecdote de Russell Crowe !

20 years after the release of “Gladiator”, Russell Crowe reveals a funny anecdote: a key scene in the film has almost been ruined according to the actor … because of a hair problem!

United International Pictures (UIP)

You will probably never see this famous Gladiator scene like before! In an interview for Empire magazine (spotted by Digital spy), Russell Crowe returns to the behind the scenes of a key scene located in the middle of the peplum of Ridley Scott.

“My name is Maximus Desimus Meridius, commander-in-chief of the armies of the north, general of the Félix legions, faithful servant of the true emperor Marc Aurèle. Father of a murdered son, husband of a murdered woman, and I will have my revenge in this life or the next. ” A strong scene of crucial importance, which could have been ruined simply because of a helmet and … static electricity!

The director did a lot of close-ups, cutting off the top of the character’s head to get around the problem: “The helmet was full of static electricity, remembers Russell Crowe in Empire, and each time I removed it, the hair above my head stood up. I tried by removing it slowly or quickly, but each time the hair stood up like a ***** of Teletubby! So Ridley Scott solved the problem by making very close-ups, when I turn to Commodus, we just see my chin or my forehead and without seeing my Teletubby hair twirling!

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