Girlsquad on Francetv slash: what is this teen thriller between Skam and Pretty Little Liars?

Girlsquad on Francetv slash: what is this teen thriller between Skam and Pretty Little Liars?

On July 23, the free digital platform of France Télévisions puts online “Girlsquad”, a series in 10 episodes combining police investigation, drama and mystery within a group of teenagers in a small seaside town.

The school has just closed its doors, summer can finally begin! Chloe, Ruby, Sofia and Constance: the Girlsquad, intends to enjoy the evenings on the beach. But the day after a memorable party, the little sister of their friends is found by the side of the road, in a coma. At the same time, a mysterious Billie appears out of nowhere and sows discord while a “Voyeur” harasses the girls on their social networks. Is it all linked? Who blames girls and why? Will the Girlsquad withstand the trials and revelations that will follow one another?

Girlsquad on francetv slash
Girlsquad on francetv slash

A teen drama tinged with mystery

Imagined by novelist Estelle Surbranche with Sébastien Fabioux (Un Si Grand Soleil), Élise Benroubi (A Coeur beating), Victoria Musiedlak (My mother, the crab and me) and Charlotte Vecchiet (Derby Girl), Girlsquad is a drama series in the short (20 minutes per episode) which takes place in a small town on the Basque coast, while a group of high school students are preparing to spend their summer vacation.

A paradisiacal summer setting yet filmed in a disturbing way: in this small community where everyone knows each other, the Girlsquad, played by a troupe of promising young actresses (Paloma Vauthier, Uma Couji, Lola Saint-Gilles or Apollonia Luisetti) will be confronted with a dramatic event that will upset their relationships and force them to come out of tender age a little faster.

On the sidelines of this drama, in which we also find Juliette Arnaud (Clem), the unexplained appearance of Billie (Paloma Vauthier), who appears out of nowhere and remains stubbornly silent about her past, brings its share of mysteries and an almost aura. -fantastic to the series, both pop and dark.

Our characters evolve in a heavenly setting, yet appearances are sometimes deceptive. In the series, we wanted to assume a certain harshness in the dialogues and the situations, while associating the universe of the thriller ” explains Katia Raïs, producer of the series, to the site News.

Online harassment and feminism

By addressing the theme of online harassment through the presence of a vigilante “stalker” who spies on girls without their knowledge (a nod to Gossip Girl obliges), Girlsquad is anchored in the very marked serial genre of teenage series , and yet still too little exploited in France, with the exception of SKAM France or the recent proposals of Francetvslash such as Stalk and Mental.

“When Estelle Surbranche offered me the series, I saw in it not only the opportunity to develop a romantic and detective series whose heroes are young adults, but also the opportunity to renew the mainly American teenage series 2000/2010 (Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars) by anchoring them in a French, feminine, feminist and post #metoo universe “ continues the producer.

Investigation, dangers, family secrets, summer loves, electro music and millennials : Girlsquad could be the pleasant surprise of the summer! The series can be discovered for free on Francetvslash from July 23.

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