Ginny and Georgia on Netflix: What’s This Gilmore Girls Like Series?

Available since Wednesday, the new Netflix series Ginny & Georgia explores the sometimes explosive relationship between a mother and her daughter.

What is it about ?

Ginny Miller is fifteen. She sometimes feels more mature than her mother, the irresistible and dynamic Georgia. After many years of wandering across the country, the latter finally decides to settle somewhere. Ginny is going to learn what normal teenage life looks like …

A drama with potential

Teens and young adults are the core target of Netflix, which continues to produce and offer calibrated productions for them. The American streaming giant has put online today Ginny & Georgia, a series that brings together all the ingredients to become a success: a modern heroine, a learning story where we talk about first love and self-discovery, all combined to a background plot that adds interest. When we read its synopsis, we obviously think of Gilmore Girls, a great series that mischievously explored the relationship between Lorelai and her daughter Rory, who are only 15 years apart, as for Ginny and Georgia. Besides, the series has fun with a line in the first episode: “We’re like the Gilmore Girls, but bigger breastsHowever, the comparison stops there.

In terms of tone to begin with, the new version of Netflix navigates between comedy and drama. Brianne Howey (Time Trap, The Exorcist) plays a crazy mother, who pulls on tight dresses and high heels to take her son to school. She is also always looking for a good scam to earn money or a single man to extort something from her. She is far from her daughter – Virginia of her real name – a brilliant young high school student passionate about literature. The character inherits all the same of the verve of his mother when it comes to throwing a few pikes on racism (she is of mixed race) and the male gauze. Antonia Gentry, who landed her first real role here, lends her her features. Ginny and Georgia also flirt with drama when exploring the mother’s past and adolescence. She tries to tell us how and why she got there. The series constructs the portrait of a broken child who has managed to get up.

Ginny and georgia on netflix: what's this gilmore girls like series?


With Ginny and Georgia, Netflix wants to bring a breath of modernity and a renewal in the genre of the family series. The American giant has to give a chance to Sarah Lampert, a young screenwriter who is cutting edge here. She was still able to count on the help of David Monahan and Danielle Hoover, at work on the comedy Insatiable.

Season 1 of the series has 10 episodes of 55 minutes.

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