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On the occasion of the release of the book “All the art of Mamoru Hosoda” on June 17, focus on a crazy anecdote about the director, attached to the Ghibli studio at the start of his career.

Considered the worthy successor of the maestro Hayao Miyazaki, Mamoru Hosoda is surely the new master of Japanese animation cinema with Makoto Shinkai.

Co-founder of Studio Chizu, one of the largest in Japan, winner of numerous awards around the world, this exceptional screenwriter, animator and director reveals himself like never before in “All the art of Mamoru Hosoda“, book published on June 17.

Ghibli: the crazy anecdote that changed the career of mamoru hosoda - actus ciné

Including exclusive interviews, hundreds of unpublished images (preparatory sketches, storyboards, background paintings, etc.), this artbook tells the whole creation of a realistic and sensitive universe dear to the artist.

Crossing Time (2006), Summer Wars (2009), The Wolf Children (2012), The Boy and the Beast (2015), Mirai, my little sister (2008) and Beautiful (2021), and many other works are to be discovered thanks to this real journey into the spirit of the man who animated life.


Charles Solomon is a famous animation critic and historian. At Huginn&Muninn, he is also the author of Beauty and the Beast, the eternal story of a masterpiece, The Disney Princesses, stories and destinies of the greatest heroines and of Behind the Scenes of Disney: Frozen.

  • An exceptional iconography, which takes the reader behind the scenes of the creation of each of the director’s 8 films
  • Mamoru Osoda has an impressive list of awards: Miraï, my little sister was nominated for the Oscar for best animated film 2019; five of his films have won the Japan Academy Prize for best animated film; The Wolf Children won the Mainichi Award for Best Animated Feature…
  • A foreword by Don Hahn, director, producer and screenwriter at Disney
Ghibli: the crazy anecdote that changed the career of mamoru hosoda - actus ciné


In the book, the author gives us a tasty anecdote, which changed the career of Mamoru Hosoda!

In the early 2000s, the talent of the artist resonates to the offices of studio Ghibli and a certain Hayao Miyazaki.

The famous Japanese animation firm then offered the filmmaker the opportunity to make his first major studio film: The Howl’s Moving Castle !

Mamoru Hosoda then gets to work. Unfortunately, artistic differences between the director and the founders of Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahataare quickly felt.

Hosoda criticizes the two legends of Japanese animation for curbing his imagination and his sensitivity. Very quickly, the filmmaker understands that he will not be able to express himself as he wishes within Ghibli.

Sick at heart, the Japanese decided to slam the studio door and leave Howl’s Moving Castle to Miyazaki.

Mamoru Hosoda then returns to Toei to direct One Piece: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island. After this experience, he founded his own animation studio, Chizu, and staged his first entirely personal work: La Traversée du temps (2006).

“Giving up Howl’s Moving Castle and going back to Toei was a pretty painful experience. That a project that had been given the green light couldn’t come to fruition was a huge failure for me”explains the director, quoted in All the art of Mamoru Hosoda.

“But a part of me always wanted to make movies. If a bus had knocked me down the next day, I would have had a hard time accepting to die without having made at least one feature film”he confides.

Finally, this failure with Ghibli tipped his career by allowing him to bounce back without being defeated. In the process, he founded his own studio with the success that we know.

His latest film, Belle, was released in theaters on December 29. It will land on Blu-ray/DVD on June 29.

As for the book All the art of Mamoru Hosodait is already available for sale.

  • Title: All the art of Mamoru Hosoda
  • Author: Charles Solomon
  • Translator: Jérôme Wicky
  • Release date: 06/24/2022
  • Format: 260 x 312mm
  • Number of pages: 272
  • Price: €34.95

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