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Google pixel 6 pro camera


  • We now have a collection of Google Pixel 6 wallpapers.
  • As in the past, the walls make clever use of the display cutout, which is now centered.
  • There are 12 wallpapers in all with three different themes.

Now, though, we have something more: Google Pixel 6 wallpapers. Thanks to 9to5Google, we have a dozen walls that purportedly will come with a Pixel 6 when you get one. 9to5Google was able to get these by faking out a current Pixel phone to think it’s a Pixel 6.

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As usual, the wallpapers all make use of the display cutout for the selfie camera. In the past, this was in the upper left of the display, but Google has centered it for the Pixel 6 series. As such, these walls will look a little silly on an older Pixel, but they’ll still work fine on them (or any phone, really).

Check out the wallpapers below, but don’t download them from here. Instead, jump to the bottom of the page and download them all in higher resolution.

Google Pixel 6 wallpapers

If you download the images one by one from the gallery above, you won’t get the full-resolution walls. Instead, hit the button below to download all of them at once in high resolution.

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