Get Ready to Binge: Here are the Latest Titles on Hulu

Get Ready to Binge: Here are the Latest Titles on Hulu

Are you ready to binge-watch some amazing shows? Hulu has got your back! With an extensive library of TV shows, movies, and documentaries, it is the most popular streaming platform that everyone is talking about. From classic movies to latest TV shows, you can enjoy everything on Hulu.

So, whether you’re planning to spend a weekend at home or looking for exciting shows to watch during a long flight, Hulu has got you covered. Here are some of the latest titles you won’t want to miss!

1. Little Fires Everywhere

Based on Celeste Ng’s novel, Little Fires Everywhere is a drama series with a star-studded cast. Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington play lead roles in this show, set in the late 90s in Shaker Heights, Ohio. The series explores motherhood, identity, and race in America and is a must-watch for anyone who loves intense drama.

2. Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a rom-com that will leave you laughing and wanting more. The film stars Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti, and is about a couple who get stuck in a time loop, reliving the same day over and over again. From witty humor to clever writing, this movie is definitely worth your time.

3. Parasite

Winner of multiple awards, including Best Picture at the 92nd Academy Awards, Parasite is a critically acclaimed film you don’t want to miss. Directed by Bong Joon-ho, this thriller tells the story of a poor South Korean family that infiltrates the lives of a wealthy family. But, as their lives become entangled, the perfect plan takes a dark turn.

4. Ramy

Ramy Youssef’s Ramy is the story of a first-generation Egyptian-American Muslim living in New Jersey. The show explores the challenges Ramy faces while balancing his faith and social life, and it is a comedic and thought-provoking look at the lives of young Muslims in America.

5. Normal People

Based on Sally Rooney’s novel, Normal People is a poignant love story that will leave you feeling emotional. Marianne and Connell’s love story is a slow burn, and the show does an excellent job of exploring their relationship as they navigate their way through high school and college.

6. Like a Boss

Tiffany Haddish, Salma Hayek, and Rose Byrne star in this comedy about two friends who start their own beauty business. But things get complicated when a mogul offers to buy their company. With a hilarious cast and witty writing, Like a Boss is a must-watch.

7. High Fidelity

A reimagining of Nick Hornby’s novel and the subsequent movie, Hulu’s High Fidelity stars Zoe Kravitz. The show explores love, heartbreak, and relationships through a music store owner’s eyes. If you’re looking for an engaging and relatable story, look no further.

8. Mrs. America

Mrs. America is a political drama centered around the fight for the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s. A star-studded cast, including Cate Blanchett and Rose Byrne, delivers powerful performances in this captivating show.

9. The Great

An irreverent take on Catherine the Great’s rise to power, The Great is a dark comedy that will have you hooked from the first episode. Elle Fanning shines in the role of the young Catherine, and Nicholas Hoult is fantastic as her husband, Peter.

10. Hillary

Hillary is a fascinating documentary that explores the life and career of Hillary Clinton. From her early days in politics to her time as Secretary of State, the documentary provides an in-depth look at her life and legacy.


Q. How much does Hulu cost?

A. Hulu has a variety of subscription plans to choose from. The basic plan is $5.99/month, and the live TV plan starts at $54.99/month.

Q. Can I watch Hulu on multiple devices?

A. Yes, you can! Hulu allows you to watch on two screens simultaneously. If you want to watch on more than two screens, you can add unlimited screens for an additional $9.99/month.

Q. Are there ads on Hulu?

A. Yes, there are ads on the basic plan. If you want to watch without ads, you can upgrade to the ad-free plan for $11.99/month.

Q. What devices can I watch Hulu on?

A. You can watch Hulu on a variety of devices, including smart TVs, gaming consoles, smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Best practices, tips, and tricks for streaming on Hulu

1. Plan ahead: Look through the library and create a playlist of shows and movies you want to watch before starting your Hulu binge. That way, you won’t waste time searching for what to watch next.

2. Check your internet speed: Streaming can be interrupted if your internet speed is not fast enough. Check your internet speed before starting your binge session, and enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

3. Use Hulu on multiple devices: If you’re a family, you can share Hulu with multiple family members, each with their own profile and preferences.

4. Split the cost: If you want to save money on your Hulu subscription, you can split the cost with family or friends.

5. Save on data: If you’re using Hulu on your smartphone, consider downloading the episode or movie before you start watching to save on data usage.


Hulu has a vast library of content, with something for everyone. From award-winning movies to binge-worthy TV shows, you won’t be disappointed. So, grab your popcorn and get ready to binge-watch, because Hulu has got you covered.

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