Germany coronavirus: Nation risks running out of intensive care beds in Covid crisis

Hit an all-time record number of coronavirus infection every Friday and almost 24,000 new cases of memory – and so did the number of patients in intensive care units in the country. Official data from the German Association so that it is given the knowledge and Medicine (page) shows the number of patients Covid 19-German in the intensive care units (ICU) 267, coming up from the 21 September to 20 November, to 3,615 – a more than 13-fold increase to such an extent of the space of the two months.
The largest economy in Europe, now that knowledge he has gotten through the pandemic compared to neighboring countries. For some of the deep, and because of this, the capacity of intensive care, with 33.9 beds per 100,000 inhabitants, of the terms, for example, comes Italy to 8.6. However Covid cases skyrocketing across the country, and the court system is under strain and hospitals in Germany for several days, close to their limits.

Germany’s leaders on Friday warned the current system, if not weeks trajectories collapse continues. “The number of cases in the intensive heavy patients is also rising. The number of deaths was not really something that is not talked about that, and what remains very high,” Steffen Seibert, Chancellor Angela Merkel for the speaker.

“We have not yet managed to bring the numbers into a low level. We have basically they manage to get past the first step until, that is, to stop and mighty steep, exponential growth faults and now stable, but still our very strongly.”

“The sick quickly exhausted,

Michael Bayer, the head of the hospital’s intensive care Ernst von Bergmann in Potsdam, just outside Berlin, is equally involved in his care is, in the Lord’s most grievous and being sprung up in recent weeks – to ask for and to wait for, so that things get worse.

“We are not only the end of the wave, at least as far as seeing ‘as a visiting told CNN that consumer week.” And if you do not have the opportunity to have a few more patients, but if this carries on at the speed that we are experiencing now, to imagine what it is and 1,000 hospital beds, I will come to that in which we have to send patients home or to other hospitals to get treated. ”

The world & # 39; now i fell on dry ice. We & # 39; s of only one getting the head, into the which they need for coronavirus vaccines

Bettina Schade, chief Covid ordered the nurse in the hospital of the same description as the last pupil has changed in a few weeks. “The number of patients is increasing. We are getting a lot more patients with varying degrees of illness. Both for the normal Covid belong, but many of the emergency unit will move too quickly to be put into the ICU,” he said. “We are currently in use have to put a lot of normal Covid ICU patients were quick because patients fail quickly. “

This, indeed, many younger patients with severe symptoms, said Tillman Schumacher, a senior soccer physician. “We have 30 or 40 years in patients who are here, and the ventilator is not sure if he will survive.”

Only two of the 16 ICU beds were vacant, and the hospital staff has already Payments canceling non-urgent matters to capacity – and then turn it plans to more than adequate facilities for intensive care units Covid.

Dr. Uwe Janssens, head of the 505, if it had been taken and what I wish a great trust is placed on a vein of the ear continues. “It has a regular program as hospitals shut down, closing down part of the malesuada running regular operations, and patients who can not wait for several weeks, without drawing can be delayed. There are people who do not need an emergency or emergency surgery or a catheter, or something like it. And it is delayed. et haec facis ut de te facultatem ac nutricibus delegantur atque in medicos in ICU ad auxilium nutricibus in vicibus suis medicis et ICU. ”

With this in mind, Covid, not the patients, intensive care beds, in the region of 20 of December, was required for the 22.066, in order that, when they stay at 6,107 see itself is vacant. Germany Reserve is about 12,000 ICU beds, including field hospital beds Boston convention center.

Despite the great opportunity, Health Minister Jens Spahn month warned previously that if you could be overwhelmed by everyday Icus infection rates continued to rise at the current level. “We are now better with the rising burden of risk in the intensive care overwhelmed in hospitals and GPs,” he said, in an interview with the German state broadcaster ARD.

Germany provides assistance to other European countries

This could be bad news for all Europe. Until now, you should be accepted, Covid of the countries of Germany, of which a copy of the care of the sick, the health systems are overwhelmed.

19-Covid to prevent the collapse of Europe - here & # 39; I estimate that the US was able to learn

German foreign office confirmed to CNN that the first wave of the pandemic, between March 12 and March 21, 232 patients were transferred to treatment in Germany – 44 of them from Italy, 58 out of 130 from France and Belgium. North Rhine-Westphalia and the federal states in the fall, and offered spaces in the Saarland 36 patients – three of them from the Netherlands, Belgium and France 25 week, a spokesperson said travelers could be done.

” These patients have a medical need for intensive care, ” he said Anja Wengenroth, a spokeswoman for the Hospital of the University of Muenster in Muenster, North Rhine-Westphalia. Hospital he established a system in which the spring Benelux countries – Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg – was able to request from the ICU beds tenor grain. The North Rhine-Westphalia Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs is currently confirmed to CNN ”46 hospitals among patients currently receive foreign Covid-19. There are currently on offer 76 beds. ”

Hannah Funk, head of the cross-border cooperation in Germany’s smallest federal state of Saarland, which borders France, told CNN that the first wave of a pandemic, the French took the 32 hospital patients. At the end of October, Saarland France offered eight beds, three patients have been transferred to date.

“We would like to help wherever we can,” Day said. “We differentiate between countries do not want. This until now have not. We will coordinate with the local authorities in France for medical needs and individual basis. We are here to help. ”

I can do this now, but Germany ious filling up much more quickly delete it.

The nurses tend to patients to the coronavirus in the intensive care unit at the University Hospital Dresden, December 13, 2020.

Protests in vain anti-pandemic

Germany has recently seen demonstrations of wire from the home country of anti-pandemic measures, with many protesters denying the severity of her husband.

In the land where part of a nationwide lockdown requires that the restaurant is closed and locks, so that people travel, the contacts to be absolute, at least two members from each other, and the public be allowed to limit households. The shops remain open studies. German state and federal leaders will meet the next day of the week in addition to introducing this decision.

By means of the hands of the captains of the place it as a protest against the demonstrators and the police, that the government of the 39 & #; coronavirus's restrictions in Berlin, November 18, 2020.

Was on a Wednesday was discussed among a thousand, to be gathered together, according to the counsels of the great powers of the council, the right of Herbarium at Berlin, the legislators wished to repeat as long as within the left subnavigation +. Police used water cannon and tear gas to disperse the protesters, many of whom were not wearing face masks.

This is considered a slap in the face of the frontline medical staff work hard to ensure that people live to Schade. “I hear something new, and people say things like, as if it’s illness or disease can be compared to a regular,” said head nurse. “We just can not understand people saying? Of course, all of the fear that maybe at some point we can not be a situation like they’re in Italy, where patients without the cars get treated on oxygen because there’s no opportunity. ”

Germany, but also in so far as they benefit from such scenarios, with many thousands more in the ICU beds are also available in his own country, the waves of the second time the word of Bayer ‘warning is also ineffectual, and dynamic of the pandemic.

“What is harder,” he said. “We will not tend to more patients. Here, not only in Berlin / Potsdam region in which a heavy burden for intensive care patients, but they’re going up and nationwide, there are still a number of the country is not going down in the moment. “

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