These Wildlife Parks In George Will Let You Witness The Life Of Animals!

South Africa is a country of beauty of wildlife and the whole country is full of nature’s treasures with variety of flora and fauna and different species. If you come here as a tourist you must see this george wildlife Come here and be amazed by the wonders of wildlife.

George Wildlife Park offers recreational activities for everyone and has been for a long time. You can take guided tours here and you will learn important facts about the animals there. In this park you will get to see Bengal tigers, servals, leopards, farm animals like rabbits, swans, ponies, dwarf goats and much more. If you are traveling with your children then they will have the most fun here. Also, try to go during the afternoon, especially at 2 pm, as this is the tiger’s feeding time. There is also a playground for children and they can enjoy the fresh air as you can order drinks from the restaurant. You can celebrate your child’s birthday party here which will include a large outdoor space and lots of fun activities for kids. Apart from this park there are many other wildlife places to visit in George that you must visit!

Top 10 George Wildlife Park

Of all the wildlife parks in George, here is a list of the 10 best parks in the city that will give you an adventurous experience!

1. Harold Wynne Estate

Harold Vine Estate


Enjoy an hour of wine tasting amidst Montagu Pass and enjoy the beauty of the wine estate and it will definitely help you find solace and you will find peaceful comfort of the vast nature here. Taste the wine and identify its strong flavor and accompany it with some cheese. You can have meat and some fresh bread with the wine. You can order a thali and you will see how diverse the items are there, so enjoy time here with your friends and family.

Place: Montagu Pass, George, South Africa.
Time: 10 am to 4 pm
entrance fees: R190 per person.

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2. Redberry Farm

Redberry Farm in George


If you haven’t been to a farm, you should visit one in George, South Africa now. A trip here will always be full of fun in the jungle with the family. Here enjoy activities like strawberry picking, pony rides, Redberry Express mini train ride, paddle boats, bubble ball and more. There is a small stall at the farm where you can buy tea and strawberries. There is also a café inside this place and from here you can enjoy red coffee and berry bar which are the special offerings as beverages.

Place: Geelhoutboom Road Blanco, George 6530, South Africa.
Time: 9 am to 4 pm
entrance fees: There is no entry fee here but if you are willing to spend a night here it will cost you $104.

3. Victoria Bay

Victoria Bay George


This small beach is amidst the mountains and is an ideal place for a picnic. You can pack your lunch and head here to enjoy a lazy afternoon at the beach. If you want to swim or surf you can do that here. If you are looking for refreshments then you can have them from here as a rustic restaurant is present here to serve you. Campers can camp here too.

Place: George, South Africa
Time: anytime
entrance fees: Free

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4. Wild Wings Safari

    elephant zebra safari


This place is a little far from the George Wildlife Centre, but no less beautiful. Visit this place if you want a guided tour through the Savanna and want to encounter a family of lions or two. You will always get the best guide in jeep safari, and you will learn about many important things about animals and their behavior. Don’t forget to bring your cameras and take lots of pictures from this place.

Place: Kruger National Park, South Africa
Time: 8 am to 5 pm
entrance fees: r186

5. Fancourt Country Club

Fancourt Country Club


Enjoy a day of activity outdoors with golfing and lots of fun. Fancourt Country Club is amidst the lush green beauty of nature where you can spend the whole day playing golf or just having a good time with friends and family. If you love playing golf then this is the best place for you and you should know that it is ranked 15th in South Africa. Here you can get all the facilities and practice facilities as well as modern facilities.

Place: 1994 Montagu Street | Blanco, George 6529, South Africa
Time: 10 am 10 pm
entrance fees: R760 per player

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6. Jungle Beach

jungle beach scene


About 5 kilometers of beach is available to everyone and you can always spend relaxing time here. You can stay in a nearby hotel here and enjoy the beautiful beach from the windows and balcony too. This is a great place to swim and have fun with your kids. Enjoying the warm water and large space for walking or running a little is possible at this place.

Place: Jungle 6560, South Africa
Time: anytime
entrance fees: Free

7. Jungle National Park

George Wilderness National Park


Enjoy kayaking in the peaceful forest and enjoy the national park from a distance and you will hear the chirping of birds and feel the peace of nature here. Beautiful waterfalls can be seen and you can also go swimming there. You can enjoy paragliding, biking at this place and it will fill your heart with joy. For more fun, you can also get Gorge Wildlife Park directions.

Place: jungle, south africa
Time: 7 am to 5:30 pm
entrance fees: Adults R59, children R30.

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8. Montagu Pass

montagu pass


Drive through the woods of Montagu. The place is nestled between a forest and a small road along the hills, where you can rent a small car and drive to the end. You can always take a clear drive to the top of the pass, and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. This pass is a great place to stretch your legs and take some photos. You will definitely feel relaxed in the wildlife season of the valley as this weather is always pleasant.

Place: Witfontein Nature Reserve, George 6720, South Africa
Time: Any time other than daytime is preferred.
entrance fees: Free.

9. Caimans Falls

bridge view


Be it a kayaking experience or a picnic on the river bank, both activities would not be complete without some fun. To have a picnic there, you have to book a place and then you can spend a fun day here. Enjoy the serene beauty of nature and enjoy a meal while your children can play nearby. The stunning waterfalls will take your breath away and you will definitely take a lot of photos at this place. Enjoy the birds here as they come here as do the people, so you will get a chance to experience nature in its true form here.

Place: Caimans Pass, N2 BTW George and Wilderness
Time: Daytime travel is preferred
entrance fees: Free

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10. Outeniqua Pass

Outeniqua Pass


Get the best panoramic view from this pass in George. The roads are open and wide so you can easily drive to this place and enjoy the beauty of nature for an hour or two. To reach this place you have to cross many beautiful bridges, fields and towns but you will definitely be mesmerized when you reach the actual place. You will get to see the rock formations here and the low lying clouds are worth seeing.

Place: Western Cape, George 6529, South Africa
Time: time of day preference
entrance fees: Free.

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Pay attention to these above mentioned points and you will find the best places to visit in George. If you are looking for adventure and natural beauty, you can find everything in this place in South Africa. So, plan a trip to South Africa and thrill yourself!

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