George Clooney: Brad Pitt fan and horrible roommate in a spot for his foundation

George Clooney: Brad Pitt fan and horrible roommate in a spot for his foundation

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Actor and director George Clooney shot a spot in which he appears as a die-hard Brad Pitt fan and pitiful roommate, all for a good cause: to promote the work of his foundation.

Screenshot / Omaze

George Clooney knows how to play with his image and proves it once again with a spot intended to promote his foundation, which is very politically engaged. The actor and director appears there as a fan of Brad Pitt and very bad roommate, without embarrassment and with the attitudes of stars!

The spot is a call for donations and evokes the possibility of winning a moment with Clooney and his wife Amal when the pandemic is over. The donations go to the George Clooney Foundation, which advocates for justice and demands accountability for human rights abuses around the world.

George Clooney, committed actor

Brad Pitt has long been friends with Clooney, with whom he filmed Burn After Reading, Confessions of a Dangerous Man and the 3 Ocean’s Eleven. Will the actor recently seen in Once Upon A Time … in Hollywood respond to the spot? Will he participate in a spot himself? (Maybe) to follow …

How well do you know George Clooney? Answer in this short interview?

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