George A. Romero: a film lost for 46 years could finally be released – film news

George A. Romero: a film lost for 46 years could finally be released – film news

Disappeared since July 16, 2017, cult director George A. Romero has left behind horror monuments, but also an unreleased film, made in 1973, which should soon be released on screens.

Yellow Veil Pictures

From his first film, The Night of the Living Dead, released in 1968, George A. Romero knew how to mark the history of horror and horror cinema. In the following years, the filmmaker continues the projects. Between Season of the Witch, made in 1972, and The Night of the Living Fools, in 1973, the filmmaker had boxed another feature film, The Amusement Park, in the greatest of secrets. Thework, lost since, had been found in 2018 by the writer Daniel Kraus. The author, who will be released soon The Living Dead, the director’s unfinished novel, describes the film as “revelation“:”With the exception of Night of the living dead, The Amusement Park is probably his scariest movie.

Professor and expert Tony Williams, who saw the film thirty years ago, wrote: ‘This film is far too powerful for American society … It must be locked up and never see the light of day’, wrote Daniel Kraus in his tweets dated November 11, 2018. The film was never released to the public. The people who funded it would never have accepted. And it is not surprising. It’s hellish. In his long career, pointing the finger at American institutions, George A. Romero has never been so ruthless.

Night of the Living Dead or how to hide a political message in a horror film

The American company Yellow Veil Pictures subsequently bought the rights to the film with the aim of restoring it and is currently looking for distributors for a possible cinema release. The director’s widow, Suzanne Romero, explains that “although The Amusement Park is not really a horror film, it is the most terrifying work of George A. Romero.“According to her, the director would have left between forty to fifty scripts which were not brought to the screen.

Watch the trailer for “The Night of the Living Dead”:

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