Game of Thrones: why did Daenerys change her face between the two pilots? – News Series

In “Game of Thrones”, Daenerys was not always played by Emilia Clarke. During the filming of the first pilot of the series, the Targaryen was embodied by Tamzin Merchant, who today returns to the reasons for his departure.

Game of thrones: why did daenerys change her face between the two pilots? - news series

Emilia Clarke wasn’t always Daenerys in Game of Thrones! During the filming of the first pilot, the character was played by actress Tamzin Merchant. The latter recently confided to Entertainment Weekly that she had not particularly enjoyed the filming of this first episode never broadcast:

“Turning that pilot was a great lesson. It was an assertion of my instincts as I followed them and tried (and succeeded) in disengaging myself from this situation and this contract. Some rather persuasive people tried to convince me to come back. But I found myself naked and scared on a horse in Morocco, and [l’animal] was clearly more excited than me. “

Game of thrones: why did daenerys change her face between the two pilots? - news series

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Tamzin Merchant

Indeed, during the love scene between Daenerys and Drogo (Jason Momoa), the horse offered by Kal was excited by the filming of the sequence and displayed an erection on the screen! In this version of the pilot, the sex scene between Drogo and Daenerys was faithful to the one in the book and it was indeed a love scene and not a rape like in the second pilot with Emilia Clarke.

To explain his decision to quit the show, Merchant continues:

“I had no acting experience and just had my instincts. What interests me are the impactful stories and characters. What to me Game of Thrones never was. I think. Admittedly, Emilia Clarke made this role iconic – she really wanted to tell the story, she was epic and excellent. [personnellement], my heart was not there. “

She will have finally been heard, since the producers will end up calling her to tell her that she will not be retained in Daenerys and that she will be replaced in a second pilot. The team of the series justified their departure because “her scenes with Jason weren’t working” (quote from the book Fire does not kill a dragon, behind the scenes of the show). And to know everything about the chaotic shooting of this first episode, visit our detailed article.

Since then, “Game of Thrones” ended after 8 seasons … leaving questions unanswered:

Game of thrones: why did daenerys change her face between the two pilots? - news series

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