Game of Thrones: two new animated series in preparation for HBO Max

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The HBO Max platform is currently developing three animated series projects from the “Game of Thrones” franchise.

Game of thrones: two new animated series in preparation for hbo max

New spin-offs of the Game of Thrones series have entered development: but unlike House of the Dragon, the prequel currently in filming, it will not be live-action productions, but in animation. !

According to our colleagues from Hollywood Reporter, one of these projects could notably feature the Yi Ti fleet, inspired by the author George RR Martin by the stories of the imperial army of China. The opportunity to explore the unknown territories of Essos, the continent located south-east of Westeros, where the Golden Company, employed by Cersei Lannister during the battle of Port-Réal, originated.

Let us recall that a first animated series had already been put in development at the beginning of the year by HBO Max; no details of its plot or chronology had been provided at the time. With three animated spin-offs in the works, there is no doubt that the Game of Thrones franchise will soon continue to expand.

Several live-action spin-off projects are also still being developed, including the 10,000 Ships series developed by Amanda Segel Marks (Person of Interest) dedicated to the fate of Princess Nymeria during the Second Spice War which pitted the Valeryen clan against the rhoynar people.

Currently filming for broadcast in 2022, the prequel House of the dragon will take place several millennia before the plot of the mother series; its cast includes Matt Smith, Olivia Cooke and Emma D’Arcy.

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