Game of Thrones: creator George RR Martin returns to HBO with a new series – news series on tv

The indefatigable George RR Martin will produce the adaptation of the science fiction novel Roadmarks by Roger Zelazny. Kalinda Vazquez, who has worked on Star Trek: Discovery and Fear The Walking Dead, will be the showrunner.

Game of thrones: creator george rr martin returns to hbo with a new series - news series on tv

Even far from Westeros, Game of Thrones creator George RR Martin fails to part ways with his dragons! But this time, his new series will be without White Walkers and far from a fantasy universe. He will dive into science fiction, a genre he is particularly fond of. He made his television debut in 1985 by adapting, for an episode of The Fourth Dimension, one of the short stories from the science fiction collection. The Last Defender of Camelot of Roger Zelazny, who was counted among his friends.

Pure science fiction

In Landmarks on the roadRoadmarks in French – published in 1979, Zelazny tells of time travel adventures. A highway allows time travel, connecting all timelines and places for the people who discover it. Some can take it to explore the mysteries of the world. For others, it represents their only hope of surviving or fixing the mistakes of the past in order to create a bright future for themselves and those they love. This road was created by the dragons of Bel’kwinith but no one knows who they are or why they created it.

The series has only just entered development. We will therefore have to wait to see it arrive on our screens.

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