Game of Thrones: 65 sublime shots of the series

If its outcome has been criticized, the Game of Thrones series has nevertheless regularly given us, from 2011 to 2019, a sumptuous photograph, sometimes with incredible plans. Souvenir slide show in 65 shots, for the 10 years since the start of the series.



This slideshow reveals many important events that have occurred in all seasons of Game of Thrones, including the last one. If you haven’t seen them yet, we recommend that you do not read on.

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At the end of eight seasons, the Game of Thrones series bowed out in 2019, now leaving millions of fans of the saga created by George RR Martin orphaned. Even if they should console themselves a little with the spin-off series devoted to House Targaryen.

If the last season was not unanimous, it is on the other hand a point that is difficult to dispute, which should put almost everyone in agreement. The series has regularly offered us absolutely masterful shots, thanks to a very high level photography direction.

This slideshow compiles some of these sumptuous shots, which are not always, far from it, spectacular shots. All have a place here, whether through their compositions, their chiaroscuro games and more widely their uses of light, their ways of bringing the characters into the field, etc … Homage to the series in 65 superb shots, which celebrates ten years of its debut.

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