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Aired in 2012, the HBO TV movie “Game Change” recounted the campaign led by Republican Senator John McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin. A biographical fiction that in a way anticipated the election of Donald Trump before the hour.

In 2012, the HBO TV movie Game Change retraced the campaign for the American presidential election led by Republican John McCain (Ed Harris) and his running mate Sarah Palin (Julianne Moore) very quickly became the darling of the media for his outspokenness and his ignorance of political codes. A profile that is not unlike that of Donald Trump, elected to the White House in 2016.

Whether it was their political ideas or their personality, almost everything opposed John McCain and Sarah Palin, differences perfectly transcribed by their interpreters on screen. The main challenge of the TV movie was to find a balance in its subject, since it was necessary to both explore the personality of Sarah Palin and her career as a politician in a patriarchal system, but also her lightness without falling into the register. parody (Palin was then a star character of the show Saturday night lights in the guise of Tina Fey, as will then be Donald Trump played by the other star of 30 Rock, Alec Baldwin).

Written by Danny Strong (The Butler), this Emmy Award-winning TV movie was directed by Austin Powers director Jay Roach, also known for his HBO political dramas (Recount and All the Way) and for the film Scandal dedicated to Roger Ailes, the founder of the FOX News channel. Obviously designed by figures with Democratic convictions, Game Change has not, however, sought to build its plot on the opposition of the 2008 presidential candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain, but on the contrary to explore the divisions within the Republican camp itself.

Vietnam veteran, John McCain was an old-fashioned Republican senator, conservative for his ideas, but an absolute defender of freedom of expression: thus, he had not hesitated to contradict one of his supporters who chanted racist attacks against Barack Obama during one of his campaign rally. His open-mindedness and his refusal to give in to the total political battle was a major obstacle to hoping to be elected, and it is for this reason that his advisers suggested that he choose Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska.

There would surely be a lot to say about how Sarah Palin’s campaign, although she was not elected vice-president, in some way heralded Donald Trump’s. Raised by the media for their ignorance of political issues, these two members of the Republican Party nevertheless knew how to use their charisma to become true media figures, while their natural tone and their punchlines made them climb to the top of popularity polls among the media. voters of deep America.

Game change on ocs: this hbo tv movie that took on its full meaning when trump was elected - cinemablend


Sarah Palin’s failure in Game Change indirectly announces the future victory of Donald Trump. Because the TV movie shows us how the personality of the latter has gradually taken precedence over that of John McCain, a long-time senator perfectly familiar with the functioning of the American political system. Moreover, should we be surprised that McCain then became an opponent of President Trump, who moreover returned it to him by declaring that he did not deserve the status of “war hero”. These attacks alone symbolize the divisions that remain within the American Republican Party.

Proof that there is a link between Game Change and the election of Donald Trump, a series project on the campaign led by the billionaire has been developed by the HBO channel; the program – produced in particular by Tom Hanks – was to adapt a work co-authored by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, the authors of Game Change, but ultimately never saw the light of day. The project is no longer relevant, but there is no doubt that fiction will soon focus on the case of the 45th American president, as the Showtime The Comey Rule mini-series has already done, for example.

The HBO TV Movie Game Change is available on the OCS platform on demand.

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