Game Boy games on Switch could land this month

Game Boy games could be available on Switch this month

  • Rumored Nintendo Switch Online updates could let you play Game Boy games on Switch.
  • The service will include a limited selection of Game Boy Color and Game Boy Color titles.
  • It would not likely include Game Boy Advance games.

Your Nintendo Switch Online subscription now gives you unlimited access to over 100 NES or SNES games. Official Nintendo emulators allow you to play the games on your Nintendo Switch. These emulators allow you to do things that you couldn’t do with the original consoles.

Game boy games on switch

Nintendo Life responded to this by confirming with its sources that Game Boy Color and Game Boy games will be coming to the Switch very soon, possibly as early as this month.

The Game Boy was launched in 1989. It has over 1,000 compatible games. The Game Boy Color was launched in 1998. It played nearly 1,000 games over its lifetime. This means that Nintendo could bring nearly 2,000 games to Switch Online.

It is highly unlikely that this retro console service will include Game Boy Advance games. It’s possible that it might happen in the future but not this year.

Some Game Boy games can be played on Switch already, including the original Final Fantasy Adventure. This game is included in the Collection of Mana bundle. If this rumor is true, the existence of these ports could mean that you won’t be able to access those games through the Switch Online service.

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