Galaxy S11 rumors and leaks: Feb. release date, 108 megapixels

Galaxy S11 rumors and leaks: Feb. release date, Enormous battery, 108 megapixels

Galaxy S11 rumors and leaks: Samsung’s next flagship mobile is shaping up to be a powerhouse if all these features and specs come to be.

New year, a new class of phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S11. Samsung’s apparatus made waves in 2019, from the Editor’s Choice award-winning Galaxy Notice 10 Plus to the unforgettable Galaxy Twist. 2020 is just destined to get better. (And that goes for Samsung’s next foldable phone, also .)

The business is already buzzing with leaks and predictions as we approach 2020, about everything from the Galaxy S11’s official lineup and price, to the camera setup and battery (hint: it could be massive). I toss in my own educated guesses too, because Samsung often follows historical patterns and topical trends, so certain things make sense.

Galaxy S11 rumors and leaks
Galaxy S11 rumors and leaks

By way of example, the Galaxy S11 will be the first of Samsung’s four 5G telephones to deliver on the 5G guarantee in a meaningful manner. Samsung got a start with 5G this year, with the S10 5G, Note 10 Plus 5G, Galaxy A90 5G and Fold (in the UK and South Korea), but many are variants of 4G devices that already exist. The Galaxy S11 family of phones is a mainstream handset that has the ability to help bring 5G’s faster data speeds to the masses.

There are a good deal more supposed specs to consume, so here they are — the Galaxy S11’s most important rumored features up to now, plus what we do not know and what we think we might get.

Three models, three sizes: Galaxy S11, S11 Plus, S11 Guru

First things first. The Galaxy S11 isn’t likely to be one phone, that we understand. It is rumored to be three, just like last year’s S10 family of 4G models.

Some rumors name the mobiles as the S11E, S11 and S11 Plus, but more recent whispers, such as that from regular Twitter leaker Evan Blass, imply S11, S11 Plus and S11 Pro, which is a great deal closer to Apple’s strategy with the iPhone 11, which is the base model for this line.

Here are the rumored display sizes:

1.Galaxy S11: 6.2-inch or 6.4-inch
2.Galaxy S11 Plus: 6.7-inch
3.Galaxy S11 Pro: 6.9-inch
Blass also stated that all the Galaxy S11 phones could have curved sides, unlike 2019’s Galaxy S10E, which had a flat display that I sometimes preferred.

February 11 or 18 launching, later release dates

The all-important question: When do we get to see this thing for the first time? February is a given. Samsung has unveiled its Galaxy S series in late February or early March for years, sometimes at the Mobile World Congress tech show (a.k.a MWC), sometimes before, and a few times, even after.

If Samsung follows last year’s version, we’ll see the Galaxy S11 and its kin appear shortly before MWC. If we let the rumors direct us, Samsung will show its hand on either Tues, Feb. 11 (that is in Greek) or Tues, Feb. 18. So yeah, February seems solid.

Look for the phone to go on preorder shortly afterward, with units shipping a week or two after the show. I will continue to update this story with new rumors, so come back for more.

Could like a cross between the Note 10 and Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S11 leaves are out, and so will be the concept designs, which I love because they can bring the rumors.

So what would we get with Samsung’s S11 phone? Rounded shoulders, which have been the Galaxy S signature, however using a more squared-off look reminiscent of the Galaxy Note 10. A slim body. Curved sides for all versions, unlike the Galaxy S10E’s flat screen, which I really really liked.

The camera array could become square, off to the left, and stick out from the outside, a lot like the iPhone 11 and Google Pixel 4. I truly hope that’s not the case. Cameras that stick out are more vulnerable to breaking when you drop your phone. A situation is an absolute must.

Galaxy S11 rumors and leaks
Galaxy S11 rumors and leaks

5G guaranteed, but there is a catch

I said 5G earlier. This is a rumored feature, but also a given. The Galaxy S11 is 99.9% likely to use the powerful Snapdragon 865 chip in it, which chipmaker Qualcomm won’t make available to phone brands without the 5G modem it matches with. Ipso facto, you get a phone with the Snapdragon 865, you receive a 5G-ready phone.

The same goes for any region that will package the Galaxy S11 with Samsung’s in-house Exynos 990 5G chip, which often happens in Asia, especially Samsung’s home country of South Korea. (Ice Universe states Samsung is”decided” to use Snapdragon 865 for South Korean versions.)

I promised a grab and here it is. While the Galaxy S11 will be 5G-ready, not every phone might be able to get 5G. Cities and countries which are 4G-only will only be able to use 4G networks, so the 5G Galaxy S11 might well act like a 4G phone.

We’ll see how it all shakes out, but I would be surprised if Samsung used any processor other than Snapdragon 865. The Galaxy S series is its mainstream flagship and Samsung is the world’s biggest phone-maker. It will want to put its best foot forward by delivering the telephone with the”best” chip.

108-megapixel camera, periscope lens, 5X optical zoom

Now for the fun stuff, the camera. We already talked about how rumors, leaks, and leaves predict a square camera selection overflowing with cameras. It gets wilder.

Samsung is said to be outfitting the Galaxy S11 (or at least one variant) using a 108-megapixel main camera sensor. Is that madness? It sounds like insanity. But Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi already beat Samsung to it using the Mi CC9 Guru, which already employs a 108-megapixel camera.

In addition, the Snapdragon 865 chip we talked about over can support a 200-megapixel camera. You might not be using all 108 pixels all of the time, but having that extra resolution can be helpful for zooming in and cropping. If you like the sound of that, thank the chipmaker for making it happen.

Here’s what else you could get together with the S11 camera (at least on some versions ), based on Ice Universe and 91Mobiles:

108-megapixel principal camera
Ultra-wide angle camera
Telephoto”periscope” lens with 5X zoom and at least 48-megapixels
Galaxy S11 Guru: Time-of-flight detector
Single punch-hole front-facing camera (Thank goodness. I don’t overlook the S10’s side-selfie camera at all.)
Display: 120Hz AMOLED display
We spoke about mobile screens earlier, but here is what else we are likely to get: the ability to turn on a 120Hz screen refresh rate. That will make animations and scrolling a good deal smoother than the standard 60Hz refresh rate w\we have now.

While a 120Hz refresh rate is great for gambling and other rapid transitions (even 90Hz like on the OnePlus 7T), it is a battery hog. The Galaxy S11 could put the power in your hands with settings to change between 60Hz to preserve battery life and 120Hz if you wish to rev up animations.

This is pretty much a done deal because of both the Snapdragon 865 and Exynos 990 5G support 210Hz displays.

A whopping 5,000mAh battery?

Different size phones get different size batteries, and yet another rumor from the prolific Ice Universe dials from the Galaxy S11 “Plus” battery at 5,000mAh, which is ridonculous.

Keep in mind that the”Plus” could also be the”Guru” (e.g., the highest-end version of the trio), making a lot more sense to me than the center phone getting a battery that size. For reference, the Galaxy Notice 10 Plus battery is 4,300mAh and battery life is outstanding.

There have been some phones with ultra-large batteries so 5,000mAh fits my expectations. As an example, the Asus ROG Phone II includes a 6,000mAh battery, which makes it a gaming monster.

In-screen fingerprint reader

I loved the concept of an in-screen fingerprint reader until I used it in the Galaxy S10. The accuracy, speed and convenience never really lived up to the promise for me.

My best-case scenario would be to the Galaxy S11 return to a kind of face unlock, combined with the in-screen reader. Samsung already knows the way to do this well. Bear in mind, the series got iris scanning at the S7, but dropped it to the S10. Google has now done it better, with the Pixel 4’s gesture tracking lending a hand.

We could at least see a stronger kind of in-screen biometric scanner, if Samsung decides to make the most of the Snapdragon 865’s support for two-finger scanning, which is meant to enhance the technology on all fronts. I sure hope it does.

Galaxy S11 rumors and leaks
Galaxy S11 rumors and leaks

Android 10 and Samsung One UI 2

There is little doubt that each Samsung phone in 2020 will run on Android 10 and the business’s own One UI 2, which was announced in October and is now available in beta.

I’m far more excited about Android 10, which brings systemwide dark mode to telephones, gesture navigation, some seriously impressive live captioning and new privacy settings. One UI two aims to push icons and display controls toward the base of the phone so they are easier to reach one-handed.

Galaxy S11 series: Price will break $1,000

Now for the question on everyone’s mind: How much is the Galaxy S11 going to cost me? As always, it is going to depend on which version you purchase.

Let’s start with the Galaxy S10 prices for the base storage configuration:

1.Galaxy S10E: $749, #669, AU$1,199
2.Galaxy S10: $899, #799, AU$1,349
3.Galaxy S10 Plus: $999, #899, AU$1,499
4.Galaxy S10 5G: $1,300, #1,099, AU$2,950
5G costs the phone-makers more to buy and integrate, so we could see a price bump right off the bat. You will also spend more if you decide on a model with increased storage, state 512GB, supposing Samsung offers it and starts storage at 128GB.

If the greatest version (“Pro” or”Plus”, based on the remuros) lines up with the S10 Plus pricing, then it’ll start at $1,000. With the 5G component and more camera technology, I would not be surprised to see that rise to $1,100, a price that matches the Galaxy Note 10 Plus now.

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