Gad Elmaleh: an international career alongside the greatest - cine news

Gad Elmaleh: an international career alongside the greatest – cine news

Gad Elmaleh, who is celebrating his 50th birthday today, has the particularity of having a nice international career which has seen him rub shoulders with the greats, from Steven Spielberg to Al Pacino via Woody Allen.


Gad Elmaleh, known for his rich stage experience, has also been a major figure in French cinema since the mid-90s. From La Vérité si je mens 2 to Chouchou via La Doublure, Hors de prix or Coco, the star has multiplied the successes in theaters. A career on the big screen which has the particularity of having crossed French borders several times for collaborations with big names in the seventh art.

It was in 2011 that Gad Elmaleh began his international career, filming under the direction of two legends: Steven Spielberg and Woody Allen. For the first, he incarnates in performance captures the character of Omar Ben Salaad in The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. And for the second, he is a French detective in Minuit à Paris. A Woody Allen that he will also find in 2016 for two episodes of the series Crisis in Six Scenes.

In 2012, Gad Elmaleh truly takes on the American accent. We see him put on a chef’s hat to play the cook of a certain Al Pacino in Jack and Julie. A film unfortunately little tasted (it is the case to say it) by the critics, the comedy “triumphant” at the 32nd ceremony of the Razzie Awards, which celebrate the worst of Hollywood cinema.

The same year, Gad Elmaleh narrowly misses to play the main opponent of the Dictator embodied by Sacha Baron Cohen, as he explains to us in the player below. An incompatible schedule will prevent him from seizing this opportunity, but the actor will still make a small appearance in the credits of the comedy.

Fan of US stand-up and in particular of the work of Jerry Seinfeld, Gad Elmaleh launches in 2017 a hexagonal version of the famous Saturday Night Live. Broadcast on M6, the TV show is only entitled to one program, but the Frenchman remains clinging to his career desires across the Atlantic, not hesitating to roam the American television sets to do the show, like you. can see it below.

It is then by collaborating with Netflix that Gad Elmaleh shows how much he is attached to American culture. In 2017, the streaming platform first offered the aptly named American Dream, the Frenchman’s first American show. Then broadcast two years later the series Huge in France, in which Gad Elmaleh plays a famous artist in our regions who decides to give up everything to settle in Los Angeles, in the hope of reconnecting with his son.

Finally, it will be recalled that Gad Elmaleh illustrated himself in an American animated saga with undisputed worldwide success: Me, ugly and bad. The French actor lends his voice to the star character of Gru in this cult franchise which, like him, establishes a bridge between the United States and France with the collaboration between Illumination studios and Mac Guff.

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