G7 summit: Boris Johnson praises Joe Biden as ‘breath of fresh air’ after talks – as it happened | Politics

I don’t think it is any exaggeration to say that the relationship between the UK and the US, the relationship between North America and Europe which is incarnated in that Atlantic Charter of 1941 which we’ve renewed today is of massive, massive strategic importance for the prosperity, the security of the world, for all the things we believe in together democracy, human rights, the rule of law.

The US and the UK stick up for those two things together so it’s incredibly important that we should affirm that.

The talks were great. They went on for a long time. We covered a huge range of subjects, and it’s wonderful to listen to the listen to the Biden administration, and to Joe Biden, because there’s so much that they want to do together with us – from security, Nato, to climate change and it’s fantastic. It’s a breath of fresh air.

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