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Actor and humorist Kev Adams will soon be appearing in “Avenir”, TF1’s new science fiction series in which he portrays a 30-something who will discover that he can communicate with the little boy he was. 20 years earlier.

In 2011, Kev Adams became known to the general public thanks to his role in the humorous tablet Soda. But since the end of the series, two years later, the actor had become rarer on the small screen, preferring to focus on his career in the cinema.

After having appeared in Maison de Retraite and Happy Nous Year, it seems that the actor is ready to return to his first love since he will be on view from Monday February 27 in Avenir, the new series fantastic of TF1 created by Daive Cohen (The New Adventures of Aladdin) in which Kev Adams plays the main role.

For the occasion, the actor will camp Eliott, a young man of 31, who lives with his disabled sister and is bored in his work as a salesman of household appliances which does not fascinate him. One evening, to escape boredom, he likes to send a message to the first email address he had when he was younger.

But following a bug, he begins to communicate with the little boy he was 20 years earlier and then sees his life turned upside down. Little and big Eliott will do everything to get their lives back together and try to make their dreams come true. But they will quickly understand that playing with the past can have serious consequences…

Alongside Kev Adams, TF1 viewers will be able to find many familiar faces from the big and small screen. Natacha Lindinger (Sam), Guillaume de Tonquédec (There were 10 of them), Eric Elmosnino (The Bélier Family), Alice David (Babysitting), Marilyn Lima (SKAM France, The best of us), India De Almeida and Jérémie Dethelot ( Visitors) will thus be present in the casting of Avenir. Young Elliott will be camped by Madi and Sohel Meftah.

The production will be signed by Frank Bellocq who notably worked on Happy Nous Year. He also participates in the writing of the six episodes of Avenir, alongside Daive Cohen, Elodie Hesme (the interpreter of Deborah Atlan in Cherif) and Kev Adams.

Find season 1 of Avenir from Monday February 27 from 9:10 p.m. on TF1.

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