Funny on Netflix: who are the actors, real revelations of the series?

In Funny on Netflix, they irradiate the screen. In the roles of Nezir, Aïssatou, Apolline and Bling, their interpreters are real revelations. Portrait.

They are not yet known to the general public and when we see them in Funny and in stand-up scenes, they already have all the greats. Charisma, humor, uniqueness and the ability to play with emotions.

But Funny marks a turning point for each of them. Because they all land a first leading role there and the exposure of the series on Netflix risks tipping their careers. It is one of the trademarks of Fanny Herrero, the creator of Funny, who had already chosen almost unknown people to camp the agents of ASK in Dix Pour Cent. It’s time to talk about them.

Nezir / Younes Boucif

Native of Normandy, Younès Boucif bursts the screen in the role of Nezir. His combativeness, his optimism, his determination to live his dream command respect. And he does it all while keeping a smile and sending finely chiseled valves that hit home every time.

This taste for language is something that Younès Boucif and Nezir have in common. Indeed, the actor – who trained in theater at the Rouen conservatory while obtaining a master’s degree in law – is also a rapper. He has just released a clip, the same week as the broadcast of Funny, with Le Havrais Médine.

At the time of the castings for Funny, he is the first to present himself for the role of Nezir. From the first try, Fanny Herrero is convinced. “I underlined his name three times in red because he caught my eye, but I still had to see others before deciding.“, says the designer in the columns of the Parisian.

Funny on netflix: who are the actors, real revelations of the series?
Mika Cotellon/Netflix

Aissatou / Mariama Gueye

She is the best known of all with her various roles, notably in Gloria and Sophie Cross recently. Nevertheless, Mariama Gueye also stands out as a real revelation in Funny with the role of Aïssatou, a young mother who goes back on stage with an explosive sketch.

Originally from Ivry-sur-Seine, Mariama Gueye did not immediately launch into comedy, even if she confides that she has always had the gift of making her friends laugh. She first registered to do a BTS in communication before a friend opened her eyes to her true vocation. Neither one nor two, Mariama Gueye is enrolled in the Florent course.

For two years, she played opposite Michèle Bernier in La Smala gets involved, but the shootings did not always follow one another. The actress explains to the Parisian to have compensated for these moments of emptiness by doing odd jobs, saleswoman, hostess or even restocking in store. We bet that with the role of Aïssatou in Funny, Mariama Gueye is on the way to lasting success.

Funny on netflix: who are the actors, real revelations of the series?
Mika Cotellon/Netflix

Bling / Jean Siuen

With Bling, Jean Siuen did not inherit an easy role. Quite unpleasant at first, Bling sets out to conquer the viewer over the six episodes that make up this season and we end up adopting it. After growing up in Seine-et-Marne and a BTS in commercial action, Jean Siuen also enrolled in the Florent course.

But after three years of lessons, her career did not take off in a French landscape where there weren’t a host of roles for Asians. “There weren’t too many roles for me. When Asians were needed, physically, I did not represent what they were looking for” confides the actor to the Parisian.

He too does odd jobs and then opens a restaurant with his two brothers to ensure their financial security. One, then two, then three. It was when the second restaurant opened that he passed the casting for Funny and landed the role of Bling. Still at the Parisian, he confides: “There’s nothing in the character that says there’s only an Asian who could play this and it feels good. Roles like that are rare.

Funny on netflix: who are the actors, real revelations of the series?
Mika Cotellon/Netflix

Apolline / Elsa Guedj

If we see a lot of bourgeois on French television, characters as successful as Apolline – as surprising as she is formidable – it’s much rarer. She is portrayed by Elsa Guedj, a Parisian like her fictional double who trained at the capital’s conservatory.

She is spotted on a theater stage by a casting director and plays a small role in Sandrine Kiberlain’s latest film, Une fille qui va bien. Then Elsa Guedj passes the casting for Funny without putting any pressure on herself. “I told myself that they had to see all the girls in Paris and France, and that I was never going to have it in my life!” she said to the Parisian.

In the process, she shares an anecdote that almost confuses her with her character. When she reads viewer reviews, she laughs when she sees “that on the page of the trailer, a user wrote in comment: Why are all the actors in the series ugly?“An uninspired comment, but like Apolline, Elsa Guedj hovers above the fray.

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