Funny on Netflix: “Talking about today’s youth”, a mission for the designer…

For her new series on Netflix, “Drôle”, Fanny Herrero, the creator of “Dix Pour Cent”, paints the portrait of a generation of new comedians in the world of stand-up. Meet.

She is a screenwriter who counts in the world of French fiction. Fanny Herrero, the originator of the Dix Pour Cent series, is embarking on a new adventure: the stand-up industry. She offers Funny, a six-episode fiction available on Netflix, presented at the opening of the 12th edition of the Series Mania festival, in Lille.

Through the prism of humour, the designer and showrunner looks at four artists eager for success who will, each in their own way, make their way through this competitive universe. Like many, Fanny Herrero knew stand-up through big names, like Gad Elmaleh and Blanche Gardin. It was an evening in a small Parisian comedy club that changed everything.

I saw six comedians follow one another on stage. They came from all parts of France, from the provinces, from the suburbs, from Paris. There were rich, poor, white, not whiteshe remembers. I really had a shock, almost in love for these young people.” The creator and screenwriter insists: she had never seen such a place, without taboos and which concentrated so much diversity.

They come to scratch the wounds, to talk about sexuality, politics, religion, more banal or very trivial thingsshe continues. It really got me, I laughed. And generally, we like people who make us laugh. It’s a great prism to talk about today’s youth and our society.

Funny on netflix: "talking about today's youth", a mission for the designer...

Elsa Guedj and Younès Boucif in “Drôle”.

In Funny, writing is a priesthood. He’s even a character in his own right. The heroes of the series, in particular Nezir (Younès Boucif), spend their time noting down flashes on their laptops or in a notebook. Fanny Herrero affirms it: this fiction is a tribute to those who write and “even more generally to all those who try to take their place in the collective narratives of their country and their society.”

We too, the scriptwriters, we are looking for the right sentence, we are looking for the right angle, we are looking for the right situation, it’s the same“, she explains. To build her story and the dialogues, the creator worked with a group of authors. But for the stand-up sequences, she surrounded herself with four humor professionals: Jason Brokerss, Fanny Ruwet, Shirley Souagnon and Thomas Wiesel.

Funny on netflix: "talking about today's youth", a mission for the designer...

After a sketch on prostatic pleasure, the life of Aïssatou (Mariama Gueye) changes completely.

It was new for me to compose with authors who have another form of writingshe admits. With Hervé Lassïnce, the co-screenwriter, we really went to explore the comedy clubs. We met a lot of comedians, some confirmed, others beginners, to have a general vision of what they live and what their daily life is like..”

Out of the question, however, to cast known heads to interpret the key characters: “JI didn’t want there to be any confusion between the true and the false.” For each role, the team met nearly 70 people. Fanny Herrero has chosen an equal team: two actresses – Mariama Gueye and Elsa Guedj – and two actors – Younes Boucif and Jean Siuen. All four shine on screen.

If success is there, a season 2 is obvious. Besides, Fanny Herrero reveals during our interview that the writers have been hard at work since September 2021. This new chapter will follow the same quartet of characters as they evolve in their personal and professional lives, chronicle style.

Interview by Thomas Desroches, in Lille, March 19, 2022.

Funny is available on Netflix.

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