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While the broadcast of “Fugueuse”, with Michaël Youn and Romane Jolly, ends tomorrow night on TF1, director Jérôme Cornuau and screenwriter Manon Dillys reveal some differences between the Quebec series and the French version.

Fugueuse, the shock series of the new school year dealing with the scourge of the prostitution of minors, ends this Thursday evening on TF1 with the broadcast of the last two episodes, in which the parents of Léa (Romane Jolly), played by Sylvie Testud and Michaël Youn, will try everything to save their daughter and extricate her from the infernal spiral into which she has fallen.

Adapted from the eponymous Quebec series, which had two seasons between 2018 and 2020 in Canada, the TF1 fiction directed by Jérôme Cornuau (Peur sur le lac) is not a shot-by-shot remake of the original version and differs in several points, even if the overall frame is respected.

Screenwriter Manon Dillys (Les Ombres rouges, Fais pas ci, faire pas ça), who wrote Fugueuse with Jérôme Cornuau, explained during a press conference organized as part of the La Rochelle Festival that choices had to be made , both in substance and in form, at the time of the adaptation work to stick to the new French framework of the story and to the order of TF1, which required fewer episodes.

“The Quebec series has 10 episodes per season, and we were only asked for 6, so we had to make choices, we couldn’t keep everything”, admitted the screenwriter of the series. “It was also necessary to adapt the entire North American aspect. The judicial system in particular, it had to be transposed to what is done in France”.

More artistic modifications have also been made to certain characters, starting with that of Léa’s father, played by Michaël Youn, who also appeared in recent weeks in the credits of Une Affaire française.

Fugueuse on tf1: the main differences with the original quebec series - news...

“Initially, the character of the father was a little more absent”, confided for his part Jérôme Cornuau, who directed all six episodes of Fugueuse. “In the Canadian version, the mother’s story was the same, but the father was a bit absent. Especially in the last line of the series. And when I discussed it with Michael, he said to me ‘He there is a lack “.

Michaël Youn thus asked that his character be less silent (“It wasn’t so much me, I’m not a silent guy (laughs)”) and more proactive. What the viewers are sure to notice in the last episodes of the series, rich in twists and in intense scenes, even muscular.

Finally, the villains of the story, and in particular Nico (Willy Cartier) and Micka (Nathanaël Beausivoir), were also characterized in a different way by Manon Dillys and Jérôme Cornuau compared to the Quebec version, where the heroine fell in a real large-scale prostitution network.

“At the level of the antagonists, there was an initial situation which was not quite the same”, told Manon Dillys at a press conference. “In the Quebec version, it’s a real trap that closes on the little one. It’s very premeditated. And it’s a real network of prostitution. While we, in the adaptation, we decided to make the more “gray” antagonists. So that we can understand them, and understand how they get there themselves “.

A non-Manichean vision of things which certainly brings a little more to the French adaptation of Fugueuse, while in no way reducing the nightmare experienced by Léa, played by Romane Jolly. A nightmare that will end, or not, tomorrow evening TF1. But that, better to leave it to the viewers to find out.

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