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In cinemas since February 8, Les Têtes givrées raises a class embarking on a fight to save a glacier. Teacher of these endearing teenagers, Clovis Cornillac is as funny as it is touching. Confidences of an actor at the top.

Frosted Headscurrently in theaters.

AlloCiné: Why did you accept Les Têtes givrées, what did you like about the proposal for Stephane Cazesdirector and screenwriter?

Clovis Cornillac: Already, the screenplay was well put together, well written. I find that Stéphane Cazes avoids anything that is too cliché and easy. There is a real sincerity in the remarks, I felt that it was very inverse in relation to the themes of the film, whether it be education, the relationship with youth, global warming, and this whole idea of ​​believing in his dreams.

Then I saw someone very invested and above all with a real desire to make films. All this convinced me to go on this adventure with him.

The role that you play, Alain, combines humor and emotion, is carried by his convictions and by the desire to transmit. Did you recognize yourself in this character?

The characters, they don’t exist. We talk about the skin of a character, but in reality it is that of the actor. It’s always a life experience to play. Afterwards, you shouldn’t show off, but it’s always an experience. When I think of the number of professions that I have approached, of people that I have met in their world… It leaves traces. This one therefore interested me and obviously marked me.


The public can discover other aspects of your acting palette, are you proud of the endearing image that you send back in this film?

You cannot judge yourself. We have no control over how we are perceived, how we are liked or disliked. The only thing I know is that I do my best in everything I do. That’s why I don’t have any pressure.

The fact that people don’t love me doesn’t bother me, the fact that people love me doesn’t drive me crazy. And it’s all because I know I’m doing the best I can. This relationship to work is my landmark, my reference. I would be very unhappy if I didn’t invest myself fully in what I do.

I would panic because there, whether people like you or not, you tell yourself that you are a scam. I am very basic at this level. Yes it is a labor of passion, but it is a labor.

Just like your character, do you have a passion for old expressions?

I brought some on the set yeah! Each generation has its language, there are expressions that you take from generations before. Between my 22-year-old daughters and my youngest who is 10 years old, you tell yourself that things have already changed between them. I find this red thread in the film funny, it’s both comical, and it’s something that everyone experiences.

How was the filming, the fact of giving the reply to this group of young actors, for the most part beginners and making their first step across the big screen?


I found that very cool! When Stéphane Cazes told me that it would be good if I met the young people before, I told him that I didn’t want to, that I would prefer to meet them on the first day of shooting the film, to establish the same evolution of relationship as the can be seen on the screen.

So at the beginning, I could feel a mixture of apprehension on their side, of being a little impressed, but still with this desire to assert themselves. Then we moved forward little by little, something fell into place, then in the end they all became my children! There really was a real connection with them.

I like people, so I didn’t want to terrorize them or my friends, I wanted, like in the film, there to be this form of love associated with respect, with the pleasure of seeing each other.

What was it like shooting in the mountains again?

When you shoot in strong, powerful landscapes, whether it’s the ocean or the mountains, it becomes a game partner. What you need is to fit in, because this landscape will always be stronger than you.


I really like slightly complicated territories, it helps me. It’s probably also due to my physique. It would probably be harder to believe in me as a ballerina (laughs).

Interview by Mathilde Fontaine in January, at the 2023 Alpe d’Huez International Comedy Film Festival.

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