From Vampire Diaries to Lincoln on TF1: Arielle Kebbel in 6 striking roles

While TF1 continues this evening the broadcast of “Lincoln: In pursuit of the Bone Collector” in which she plays Amelia Sachs, focus on the actress Arielle Kebbel who, from “Vampire Diaries” to “Ballers”, is well known to fans of series.

Aired every Tuesday at 9:05 p.m. on TF1 and adapted from the novel which has already inspired the thriller with Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington, Lincoln: In pursuit of the Bone Collector follows the adventures of Lincoln Rhyme (Russell Hornsby), a famous American criminologist who became quadriplegic after having fallen into a trap set by a serial killer known as the “Bone Collector”.

Confronted with new murders visibly committed by his worst enemy, Lincoln decides to resume the hunt from the bottom of his bed, helped by a surprising young cop, Amelia Sachs, with whom he will also collaborate on many other investigations.

And this young police inspector full of resources is embodied by Arielle Kebbel, a 36-year-old actress still little identified by the general public, but whom series fans know well since she has illustrated herself in many fictions on the small screen. since the early 2000s, from Gilmore Girls to Vampire Diaries, to Ballers.

Gilmore Girls (2003-2004)

Warner Bros. Television

It was in 2003, at the age of 18, that Arielle Kebbel landed her first recurring role on television by lending her features to Lindsay Lister, a young resident of Stars Hollow who would become the girlfriend and then the wife of Dean (Jared Padalecki) in Gilmore Girls. A character that she will play during seasons 3 to 5 and which, if it was not particularly appreciated by fans, will allow her to be spotted by Hollywood.

Vampire Diaries (2009-2017)

The CW Television Network

Arielle Kebbel has played in all and for all only 9 episodes of Vampire Diaries, scattered throughout the seven seasons of the successful vampiric series worn by Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev. But her character, Lexi, quickly established herself as a fan favorite, and her friendship with Stefan (Paul Wesley) will, without question, remain one of the show’s most memorable relationships.

So much so that, strangely, Lexi in Vampire Diaries could almost be considered the most important role in Arielle Kebbel’s career.

90210 Beverly Hills New Generation (2011-2013)

The CW Television Network

90210 Beverly Hills Next Generation had its ups and downs (qualitatively speaking) during its broadcast between 2008 and 2013 on The CW. And if seasons 4 and 5 are the worst, these two final bursts of episodes will still have been marked by the recurring presence of Arielle Kebbel in the role of Vanessa Shaw, an outstanding liar and manipulator who will make Liam (Matt Lanter’s) life was hell after running over him while riding his motorcycle.

A soapesque intrigue at will that it is almost impossible to summarize so much the far-fetched twists have been linked.

Ballers (2015-2019)


After appearing in Life Unexpected or UnREAL, Arielle Kebbel landed in 2015 the role of Tracy Legette, a sports commentator and journalist for a local television channel who finds herself intimately linked to Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) in the first two seasons of Ballers. , who takes an interest in the journey of a former football star who has been turned into an agent for young rising stars in the sport.

A character that she will take again for the very last time in 2019 during the first episode of the fifth and final season of the HBO series.

Midnight, Texas (2017-2018)

Ursula Coyote / NBC

In 2017, Arielle Kebbel is part of the main cast of the fantasy series Midnight, Texas, adapted from the novels of Charlaine Harris (the author of True Blood) and worn by Fran├žois Arnaud. The time of two short seasons – on NBC in the United States and on Syfy in France – she plays Olivia Charity, a hired killer who evolves in a small town populated by supernatural beings, whether they are vampires, witches, or angels. fallen.

Lincoln: Pursuit of the Bone Collector (2020)

Scott Gries / NBC

After a few appearances in the American version of Grand Hotel in 2019, Arielle Kebbel returns to the front of the stage the following year thanks to Lincoln: In pursuit of the Bone Collector, a new detective series that mixes complete investigations and intrigue red thread, spread over the entire season, devoted to the hunt for the serial killer who gives the series its title.

For lack of audience, Lincoln, which is finally offered on TF1 a year after its broadcast on NBC across the Atlantic, is canceled at the end of its first season of 10 episodes.

And the cinema in all this?

Twentieth Century Fox France

In addition to these six major television roles, Arielle Kebbel took part in a few films for teenagers during the 2000s (Aquamarine, Forever Strong, The Grudge 2, Les Intrus, Mords-moi sans hesitation), the most popular of which certainly remains John Tucker must die, in which she gives the answer to Jesse Metcalfe, Sophia Bush, or even Brittany Snow.

In recent years, apart from a small role in Fifty Shades Lighter, Arielle Kebbel has mostly starred in series and TV movies. But we will soon find her in the cinema in After – Chapter 3 and After – Chapter 4, the last two parts of the phenomenon saga, in the role of Kimberly Vance.

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