From Emily in Paris to the horrific Mastemah, a look back at the eclectic career of Camille Razat…

The French genre film Mastemah was released in theaters yesterday. Close-up on the career of actress Camille Razat, who plays the role of Louise in the feature film.

In the horror thriller mastemah, Camille Razat embodies Louise, a psychiatrist who decides to start from scratch by going to isolate herself in Aubrac after the death of a patient during a hypnosis session.

But the arrival of a new patient with strange behavior will plunge her into a downward spiral. His life and those of others will become a real hell

In the movie of Didier D. Daarwinthe actress embodies here a character opposite to the one she plays in the series Emily in Paris.

A look back at the journey of this promising young actress.

Born in March 1994 in Toulouse, Camille Razat began as a model. After a literary baccalaureate and studies at Cours Florent, she took her first steps in front of the camera in the France 2 series, Disappearedwhere she plays Léa, a young girl who disappears without a trace on the evening of the Fête de la Musique.

On the cinema side, she appears briefly in the casting of the film by Guillaume Canet, rock n rollbefore landing one of the main roles in the comedy of Victor Saint-Macary, At Miami. Camille Razat embodies Julie, a young woman whose hero – played by William Lebghil – fall in love. The public then discovers his devastating smile and his eyes sparkling with mischief.

From emily in paris to the horrific mastemah, a look back at the eclectic career of camille razat...
Julien Panié / North West Films

Camille Razat in Friend-friend

The actress then landed an extra role (a hostess in the Thalys) in the film by Clint Eastwood, 3:17 p.m. for Paris.

In 2018, she won the first female role in the film of Cedric Anger, love is a partyalongside Guillaume Canet and Gilles Lellouchewhich she finds after Rock n’ Roll.

In this feature film set in the porn industry of the 80s, Camille Razat plays the role of Virginie (nicknamed Caprice), an aspiring actress pushed by her boyfriend to become a stripper and actress of erotic films.

From emily in paris to the horrific mastemah, a look back at the eclectic career of camille razat...
Christine Tamalet / Mars Films

Camille Razat in Love is a Party

A starlet role from the golden age of French porn cinema for which the actress had to undress and learn to dance lasciviously and which completely contrasts with the roles in which she had hitherto distinguished herself. A change desired by the actress who until now was only offered the roles of wise young women.

We then find her in the casting of the genre film girls with balls streamed on Netflix.

But the consecration comes in 2020 thanks to the Netflix series Emily in Paris. Camille Razat plays Camille, a Frenchwoman who befriends the young American Emily (Lily Collins).

His fresh, joyful and luminous character enchants the spectators. The actress resumes her role in the second and third seasons, the filming of which has just begun.

From emily in paris to the horrific mastemah, a look back at the eclectic career of camille razat...

Lily Collins & Camille Razat in Emily in Paris

In 2021, she is in the casting of the filmYvan Attal, Human things in which she plays Quitterie,
an intern from the show Grand Oral, presented by Jean (Pierre Arditi).

With mastemah, she landed a role at odds with the character that made her famous in the world. This is Olivier Barthélemy, his on-screen partner, who had him read the script. If the latter had never before shot together in front of the camera, the two actors already knew each other.

Director Didier D. Daarwin explains: “As luck would have it, Olivier was a friend of photographer Étienne Baret, Camille Razat’s companion. Two months into the shoot, when we hadn’t yet found the female lead role, Olivier had Camille read the script, the text and the theme appealed to her and she immediately agreed to play Louise.”

At the same time, Camille Razat continues her work as a model and is the face of several brands.

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