Friends the Reunion: the trailer for the special episode finally unveiled

The performers of “Friends” have gathered for the filming of a special episode, more than fifteen years after the broadcast of the final episode of the cult series.

Phoebe, Rachel and Monica. Chandler, Ross and Joey. The mention of the names of the six heroes of Friends is generally enough to cause the excitement of fans of the cult sitcom. It is therefore little to say that a torrent of emotions awaits viewers during the broadcast of the special episode which will mark the reunion events of the main performers of the series on May 27 on HBO Max.

On the occasion of this “meeting”, the six Friends will be returning for the first time to the film sets of the series, the opportunity to dive back into the memories of the time and to deliver many anecdotes. In addition to the presence of surprise guests, this episode will also be an opportunity to replay some of the most famous scenes of the series, and even to put an end to the question that burns the lips of all fans of the show: Ross and Rachel were they on break or not?

Offered from May 27 on the HBO Max platform, the special Friends: The Reunion episode does not yet have a French broadcaster.

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