Friends the Reunion: the reasons for the absence of Paul Rudd (Mike) and Cole Sprouse (Ben)

Paul Rudd and Cole Sprouse were the two big misses of the special “Friends The Reunion”, available since last Thursday on Salto. Why were they not present during this reunion?

Thursday, May 27, the special episode of Friends was posted online on HBO Max in the United States and on Salto in France after many months of waiting. Friends The Reunion was an opportunity for fans of the series to reunite with the voices of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Joey and Chandler 17 years after the sitcom ended.

While Tom Selleck (Richard), Maggie Wheeler (Janice) and James Michael Tyler (Gunther) made a surprise appearance during this exceptional show, viewers did not fail to notice that two iconic actors from the series were subscribers. Missing: Cole Sprouse, who camped Ross’s son, Ben, and Paul Rudd, aka Mike Hannigan, Phoebe’s husband.

Ben Winston, director of Friends The Reunion, explained to The Wrap the reasons for these absences: “We couldn’t have everyone because the episode only lasts 1h45. And you have to be careful, most of the show revolves around the 6 main actors.

So there shouldn’t be too many cameos, even though there have been hundreds of amazing people who have been in Friends over the years. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get everyone involved.

Covid has also made the appearance of certain actors more complex. “We invited people who couldn’t come”He confided. “It’s a complicated time to watch television. Some people could not travel abroad, others were already engaged on other shoots, or were in ‘bubbles’ to avoid taking risks. ”

In addition to the pandemic, the organization of the show was also complicated since it was necessary to find a date on which the 6 actors were available. “We had no flexibility. There was one evening when they were all free. If you weren’t available on April 7 at 8 p.m. then unfortunately you couldn’t participate. So no, not everyone was able to be present.

Paul Rudd and Cole Sprouse both have very busy news indeed. The first is currently on the set of the third installment of Ant Man, while the second is one of the stars of the Riverdale series. So they surely did not manage to free themselves to make a surprise appearance.

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