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On the occasion of the exceptional show “Friends The Reunion”, available now on Salto, the actors imagined what their respective characters have become since the end of the series.

Salto has just posted on its platform the special episode of Friends, entitled Friends The Reunion, which looks back on the highlights of the sitcom that has become cult. On this occasion, James Corden, host of the show, asked Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer and Lisa Kudrow to imagine where their characters would be today.

For Jennifer Aniston, Rachel would now be married to Ross, who would still be a paleontologist. They would have a happy married life and several children.

Monica is still a great competitor. Her children are probably already graduates but she continues to take care of the sale of cakes at the primary school. She is in the parents’ association”, Imagines Courteney Cox before adding:“And Chandler keep making her laugh everyday”.

As for Phoebe, Lisa Kudrow believes she would now be living in Connecticut with Mike, whom she married in season 10, and their children. “She is the spokesperson for her children who are different and for all the other children who are also different. She has created an art program, she teaches music, etc …”.

Finally for Matt Leblanc the answer is rather simple: “Joey opened a sandwich shop in Venice Beach”. A career plan that would fit well with the character who spent 10 seasons searching for the perfect sandwich.

Of course, all of these answers are just guesses since no sequel plans are currently in the works for Friends, as Lisa Kudrow explained on the show. “Marta and David (the creators, editor’s note) ended the series in a very nice way: each character has a good life. They would have to tear down these beautiful things to create new stories. I wouldn’t want to undo a happy ending!

Fans of the sitcom will therefore have to be content with their imaginations to find out what has happened to Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Joey and Phoebe since the end of the series.

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