French Daredevil Falls to His Death

French Daredevil Falls to His Death from Hong Kong Skyscraper

A French daredevil known as Remi Lucidi, who gained fame on social media for taking photos of himself on tall structures around the world, tragically fell to his death from a skyscraper in Hong Kong.

Lucidi, who was 30 years old and known on social media as “Remi Enigma,” was found dead after authorities believe he fell from one of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers on Thursday. He was discovered on the patio of an apartment and was identified through local media reports. Along with his French ID, a camera used to film his participation in extreme sports was found with him.

French Daredevil Falls to His Death

French Daredevil Falls to His Death
Remi Lucidi, known on social media as “Remi Enigma,” posted photos of himself on top of tall structures around the world. (remnigma/ Instagram)

Investigators believe that Lucidi fell to his death from a ledge of a penthouse apartment building he had entered earlier in the day. He had told security that he was visiting a friend on the building’s 40th floor, but CCTV footage showed that he exited the elevator on the 49th floor and used stairs to access the top floor of the skyscraper.

A worker at a penthouse apartment on the building’s 68th floor reported that Lucidi had knocked on the window of the apartment around 7:30 p.m. Thursday, requesting to be let inside. The worker, suspicious of Lucidi’s intentions, called the authorities instead.

According to a report in the South China Morning Post, police believe Lucidi may have been trapped on the building and was looking for help before the incident. A police source stated, “It is possible that he got trapped outside the penthouse while practicing an extreme sport in the building, and he knocked on the window for help, but accidentally fell to his death.”

Police later received a call about a gas leak, leading them to discover Lucidi’s body. Authorities believe that Lucidi broke a gas pipe for the building during his fall.

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