Free Guy: an Avenger and winks to Marvel and Star Wars in the film

In theaters since August 11, the action comedy Free Guy features a cameo from the interpreter of a famous Avenger but also nods to Star Wars.

Warning, this article contains spoilers on the film!

In Shawn Levy’s Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds plays Guy, a man who discovers he’s just an extra in a video game. A game that he quickly learns to master and in which he can then conjure any weapon …

Thus, in the middle of a fight broadcast across the world, Guy makes a shield appear to protect himself from an attack. A shield well known to fans of the Marvel universe since it is simply that of Captain America.

The scene becomes even more memorable when the film shows us a certain Chris Evans reacting to the use of his character’s favorite object. The hero of Free Guy does not stop there in the references to the MCU, since he then transforms his hand into a Hulk fist in order to knock out his opponent. All to the sound of the musical theme of the Avengers.

Free guy: an avenger and winks to marvel and star wars in the film

The Walt Disney Company France

Captain America (Chris Evans) in Avengers: Age of Ultron

But still not rid of the one he fights, Guy conjures another weapon, just as cult: a lightsaber. Accompanied this time by iconic Star Wars music. The references could not be more pleasing therefore!


Recently interviewed by on Chris Evans’ cameo, Ryan Reynolds explained that while Hollywood is often portrayed as a place “terrible“, there is all the same”a real community” with some “wonderful people”.

The thing I’ll never take for granted is the idea that you could be making a movie as big as Free Guy and calling someone up and saying, ‘Is there have any way you make a little cameo? ‘ Chris happens to live in Boston and he said, ‘I’ll be there in five minutes’“, remembered the actor.

And to continue: “He didn’t even ask what it was. I could have told her: this is the most graphic nude scene you will do in your life. But he didn’t even ask. It just happened. He was there. We got it running in less than five minutes. He didn’t ask for anything. It was simply for the beauty of the gesture. “

Note that Channing Tatum, whose presence in the casting had not been rumored, also makes some rather barred appearances in the feature film.

Chris Evans last played Captain America in Avengers: Endgame:

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