Free Guy 2: Disney wants a sequel according to Ryan Reynolds

Free Guy 2: Disney wants a sequel, according to Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds, a social media guru, announces that Disney plans a sequel to “Free Guy”, a US hit.

It’s official! There should indeed be a sequel to Free Guy, a new film starring Ryan Reynolds currently in theatres.

On social media, the actor confirmed that Disney was motivated to make the sequel. Shawn Levy, director of the film, also shared the news via Twitter.

Ryan Reynolds announced the news with his unfailing humour. He pointed out that the film was not based on any franchise or license already known to viewers. “Eeeee, and after three years of people posting that #FreeGuy is an original movie. Disney today confirmed that they want a sequel. Youhou! #irony

Free guy 2: disney wants a sequel according to ryan reynolds
Free guy 2: disney wants a sequel, according to ryan reynolds

To add: ” We will fail if the movie isn’t called “Albuquerque Boiled Turkey”.

Shawn Levy, the director, confirmed the sequel with one “Yup!”

It was three years since Disney released an original movie, which wasn’t a sequel or connected to a franchise. To put it another way, films are riskier because they are not instantly identifiable as a brand or an existing universe.

Free Guy is currently off to a great start in US theatres. This is no doubt because it has an exclusive theatrical release and is accessible on streaming platforms.

Ryan Reynolds’ film follows a bank worker who discovers he is only a background character on an online video game and decides to be the hero. Even if that means rewriting its history, he is now evolving in a world without limits and will do anything to save it before it is too late.

Ryan Reynolds has since Free Guy collaborated on another project directed by Shawn Levy, in this case, The Adam Project for Netflix, which should be unveiled soon.

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