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Apart from well-known streaming platforms, it is not necessarily easy to find works visible for free (and legally). All the more reason to offer you this selection of three films that deserve your interest.

With the proliferation of streaming platforms, we would almost tend to forget that it is not necessary to systematically go to the cash register to see a film and series in streaming. There are indeed many other alternatives to see a work for free, and above all, legally. While relieving your wallet. From SF to drama, film noir or war films, everything is possible. All you need to do is target well.

Here are three unearthed works that we recommend. The only constraint, very minimal moreover, being to create an account to be able to carry out the viewing. Good movie !

Marie Henry should not have agreed to embark on an improvised car race. His vehicle flipped into a river. Her two passengers drown, while she only manages to survive by a miracle. But from this moment, the strange elements follow one another. They become increasingly disturbing when Mary accepts a job at a church in Salt Lake City…

Small masterpiece of macabre poetry, the film by Herk Harvey, available for free viewing on the Youtube channel Cult Cinema Classics (with the activation of French subtitles!), gained its cult status over its late broadcasts on American TV channels.

Untraceable for years, it circulated for a long time under the coats in pirated copies. It must also be said that the genesis of this nugget is quite singular. The film’s director and screenwriter, John Clifford White, had never directed a feature film. They both worked for a company called Centron Corporation, based in the small town of Lawrence, Kansas, and specializing in the production of corporate and institutional films.

One day while driving through the Salt Lake City area (Saltair specifically), Harvey discovered the remains of a huge, long-abandoned amusement park, probably built in the 1930s, in a state of disrepair and disrepair. placed on the lake. A frightening ghost park, which makes his imagination work: he then thinks of the living dead coming out of the water, to go and have fun in the park…

Harcourt Productions

Made for just $30,000 and shot in three weeks, the film was to be, in Herk Harvey’s own words, “a mixture of the style of Bergman with the influence of a Cocteau”. Through its careful production, its haunting and disturbing music, entirely composed on an organ (yes!), the film not only fed an entire generation of film lovers, but also influenced a number of directors, starting with a certain George A.Romero.

It’s no coincidence that the heroine of his Night of the Living Dead is furiously reminiscent of the star actress of Harvey’s film, Candace Hilligoss. In any case, a work to really discover, which remains the only achievement of the filmmaker!

Hyper pretentious, pure Parisian, Octave is the master of the world. His job: advertising designer at Ross & Witchcraft, the biggest advertising agency in the world. His credo: easy money, girls and being obnoxious with anyone! He leads a life without incident until the day when everything collapses around him: his girlfriend announces to him that she is pregnant and Madonna, the giant of the dairy product and biggest client of the Ross, questions his skills. Disgusted and under pressure, Octave then completely freaks out…

Released in 2000 and signed by the dandy writer Frédéric Beigbeder, 99 francs was a colossal success in bookstores, with more than 500,000 copies sold. A scathing portrait of the ruthless world of advertising, precisely written with a pen largely dipped in acid, 99 francs was solidly adapted in 2007 by Jane Kounen. It must be said that the person concerned also knew what he was talking about, he who worked for a time in the world of advertising.

Carried at arm’s length by an electrifying Jean Dujardin in his composition of absolute cynic finally repentant, he is very solidly supported by a brilliant Patrick Mille, and the late Jocelyn Quivrin, promised to a bright cinematographic future, unfortunately died barely two years later at the age of 30 in a tragic road accident.

The film is available for free on the website of France tv until next February 21. This leaves you plenty of time to do a little update if you haven’t seen the film yet.

In the Germany of the 1930s, Hendrik Hoefgen, an ambitious actor, cares very little about the political problems of his country and lives only for his artistic career. When the Nazis took power, he seized the opportunity to perform for the party’s propaganda and very quickly became the most popular comedian in Germany. Devoured by his glory and by doubt, he must now survive in a world where hatred and fear have become the real actors of a stage where the destiny of Humanity is played out…

A famous director of Hungarian origin, Istvan Szabo found powerful inspiration in the great actor Klaus Maria Brandauer. The first of the three collaborations between the two, which will be followed by another masterpiece, Colonel Redl, Mephisto is a masterful adaptation of Klaus Mann’s novel, which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1981 and the Prix du best screenplay at the Cannes Film Festival the same year.

The brilliant composition of the actor, rising to the heights of stardom at the fatal price of an allegiance and submission to the new masters like a Faustian pact, is inspired by the destiny of a completely authentic character.

In this case the actor Gustaf Gründgens (1899-1963). A man of the theater above all, he remained very famous for his interpretation of Mephistopheles in Goethe’s Faust, both in theater and in cinema. Frequenting the artistic and literary avant-garde under the Weimar Republic, he rallied to Nazism under the Third Reich, until becoming a quasi-official director of the regime. Klaus Mann, who had an affair with him in 1926, was inspired by him for the main character of Mephisto (1936), which István Szabó therefore brought to the screen.

The movie is available viewing on the website until February 28.

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