Fratè, A violent life… 5 outstanding films to see in Corsica

Fratè, with Thomas Ngijol, takes us to a small Corsican village for a comedy around two brothers that everything opposes. To prolong the pleasure, we offer you 5 films that take place on the Island of Beauty.

Three years later black-snake, Thomas Ngijol is back in theaters with Brotherhood, in theaters since June 15. This time, the comedian takes us to Corsica in a feature film directed by his companion, Karole Rocherin collaboration with its Barbara Biancardini.

Following the burial of his father, in his village in the middle of the Corsican maquis, Dumè (Thomas Ngijol) discovers the existence of a brother, Lucien (Samir Guesmi), with whom he will have to share the heritage left by the patriarch.

On the condition of being able to cohabit for a month in the family home… Against the backdrop of cultural legitimacy and real estate heritage, a balance of power will be established between Lucien, the blood son, and Dumè, the adopted son.

With this comedy, Karole Rocher wished to send a love letter to Corsica. Vezzani, the location of the film’s plot, is located in Haute Corse. This is the village of his grandparents.

To prolong the pleasure, we offer you 5 outstanding feature films taking place on the Island of Beauty!


Frate A violent life 5 outstanding films to see in

Directed by a local child, Thierry de Peretti, A violent life tells the story of Stéphane. Despite the threat of death hanging over his head, he decides to return to Corsica to attend the funeral of Christophe, his childhood friend and companion in the fight, assassinated the day before.

This is an opportunity for him to remember the events that saw him go, educated petty bourgeois of Bastia, from delinquency to political radicalism and from political radicalism to clandestinity.

The character of Stéphane, portrayed by John Michelangeliis freely inspired by the atypical, meteorological, tragic journey of Nicolas Montigny, a young nationalist militant assassinated in Bastia in 2001.


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Realized by Alain Berberian, The Corsican Survey brings together the smashing duo of Visitors, Christian Keyboard and Jean Reno. A trendy Parisian detective who considers himself as irresistible with women as he is in business, Rémi François alias Jack Palmer has finally accepted the mission entrusted to him by an obscure little provincial notary: to find Ange Léoni, an untraceable Corsican citizen who has inherited his a comfortable jackpot.

A real health walk for Jack Palmer, experienced in infinitely more delicate missions. But barely arrived on the island of beauty, the health walk will quickly become an obstacle course.

Mysteriously observed through binoculars during his investigation, Palmer loses his luster in the face of local silence, myrthe’s alcohol tours, the separatists who kidnap him, the gendarmes who molest him by mistake, a pulverized car and the enigmatic Ange Léoni who gives him mysterious failed appointments.


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Released in 2012, Like brothers marked the spirits thanks to the touching complicity between Pierre Niney, Nicolas Duvauchelle and Francois-Xavier Demaison. The story is as follows: Since Charlie is no longer there, the lives of Boris, Elie and Maxime have been shattered. These three men, separated by everything, had a singular love for Charlie.

She was their sister, the woman of their life or their buddy, it was according to. Except that Charlie is dead and that neither Boris, an accomplished businessman, nor Elie, a night owl screenwriter and nor Maxime, 20 years old still in mum’s skirts, know how to deal with it. But because she had asked them, they decide on a whim to make this trip together, towards Corsica and this house that Charlie loved so much.

Only here it is, 900 kilometers stuck in a car when the only point in common is an attachment for the same woman, it’s long… Boris, Elie and Maxime, three men, three generations, zero affinity on paper, but on the arrived, the certainty that Charlie changed their lives forever.


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This cult comedy revealed Benoit Poelvoorde to the French public in 1997! The hikers follows a group of people who decide to go hiking on the Isle of Beauty.

Mathieu, who was hoping to find Bernadette (who did not come), Louis, who is fleeing a stormy affair, Eric, the guide, a married man who allows himself adventures during the hikes he organizes, especially with one of the people of the group, Nadine.

The latter is in love with him because he makes her believe that he is going to leave his wife. Finally we have Cora, who dreams of meeting true love and seizes every opportunity to escape her loneliness. The landscapes are sumptuous but the path difficult.


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Building permit landed in theaters on March 9, 2022. It brings together Didier Bourdon and Eric Fraticelliwho is also directing the film.

The former Unknown embodies Romain, a dentist in Paris. He has just lost his father whom he has not seen for years. To his great surprise, the latter left him a piece of land as an inheritance, as well as a last wish: to build the house there where he would have liked to end his days. Only problem: this land is located in Corsica.

With building permit, Eric Fraticelli (Tony Campana in the series Mafiosa) is making his first feature film. “It all started with Romain, Vivien and Marco. They told me ‘Éric, you’re the one who writes the film, you play in it, you’ve been making mainlanders laugh with Corsica for 30 years: who better than you? can make this story happen?'”


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As a bonus, a drama without concessions which revealed Thierry de Peretti, author of A violent life, mentioned above. With The Apachesthe filmmaker obviously takes us to Corsica, in the extreme south of the island, during the summer.

While thousands of tourists invade the beaches, campsites and clubs, five teenagers from Porto-Vecchio hang around. One evening, one of them leads the four others to a luxurious unoccupied villa… The gang spends the night there clandestinely.

Before leaving, they steal some worthless items and two collectible guns. When the owner of the house arrives from Paris, she complains about the burglary to a small local boss of her acquaintance. To write the Apaches screenplay, Thierry de Peretti and Benjamin Baroch were inspired by a bloody news item that hit the headlines in Corsica.

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