France Télévisions: after Diane de Poitiers, fictions on George Sand and Alice Guy…

During a press conference at Séries Mania, France Télévisions announced the launch of a new collection, “Les Audacieuses”, which will include series and units devoted to George Sand, Alice Guy, Brigitte Bardot, and Olympe de Gouges.

France télévisions: after diane de poitiers, fictions on george sand and alice guy...
Magali Bragard/FTV

The collections are more than ever on the rise on France Télévisions.

While the success of strong detective brands such as “Meurtres à…”, “Les Mystères de…”, a new opus of which is currently being filmed with Lorie Pester, or “Disappearing disturbing” is undeniable, the public group took advantage of a press conference which took place this morning at Séries Mania, in Lille, to announce the launch of a new collection entitled “Les Audacieuses”.

Made up of several series and single events, this will bring together under the same prestigious banner biopics notably devoted to George Sand and Alice Guy, or even more offbeat fictions such as Anne of Arc, which will revisit the history and figure of Joan of Arc with strength and humor.

But also Diane de Poitiers, the first project to register among “Les Audacieuses”, which was produced at the end of last year by Josée Dayan, with Isabelle Adjani, Virginie Ledoyen, Hugo Becker, Gérard Depardieu, Samuel Labarthe, or even JoeyStarr in the lead roles.

“It’s a collection that is particularly close to our hearts and which reflects what we have been trying to do for several years”commented Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez, the director of antennas and programs of France Télévisions, during this presentation to the press and to professionals in the sector.

“France Télévisions is particularly committed to the representation of women on screen, so that our antennas better represent society and the reality of women’s lives. We wanted to pay a special tribute to the audacious ones, who will therefore give their name to this new collection of series and units”.

“These are the journeys, the destinies of women who, by their transgression, their intelligence, or circumstances have at some point forced fate and managed not to stay in the place assigned to them”continued Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez before each project was detailed by Anne Holmes, the director of French fiction at France Télévisions, and Manuel Alduy, the boss of cinema and international development of the public group.

Olympe de Gouges

“A pioneer of feminism in France. We will follow the destiny of this woman who is projected into the Revolution at the same time as her generation. We have wanted to make a fiction about Olympe de Gouges for a long time, and we have finally found the angle. We are very happy to be developing this fiction”explained Anne Holmes about the unit on Olympe de Gouges written by Marine Ninaud and Sébastien Mounier.

George Sand

France Télévisions is also preparing a series of 4 episodes on George Sand. “A determined woman who frees herself from the bourgeois straitjacket and who decides to build her life according to her desires and her heart. A fighting woman who has never stopped creating scandals. We really wanted to highlight that it is the first French woman who was able to live from her writings”said the boss of the French fiction of the group.

Anne of Arc

In this 10×26′ dramatic comedy destined for digital fiction, “Anne of Arc will take advantage of a misunderstanding about her name to escape a forced marriage by pretending to be Joan of Arc”.

The rebellious

International fiction is also launching the development of L’Insoumise, a biopic in 4 episodes around Alice Guy, which will be written by Jean-Jacques Annaud and Tim Loane (Versailles, Marcella).

“Cinephiles know her, the general public a little less”commented Manuel Alduy. “She was the one who invented fiction in the cinema. She had a great love story, she got married at the beginning of the 20th century. Having left for the United States, she was the first woman to have created a studio of cinema in Hollywood. And then, as has happened regularly in our history in other areas, she was erased from our cinematographic culture. She had however made about 1000 fictions “.

An international project that we are impatiently awaiting and that Bardot completes, the biopic devoted to Brigitte Bardot which is written and directed by Danièle Thompson, and which began filming a few weeks ago with a cast composed in particular by Victor Belmondo and Fabian Wolfrom (Here it all begins).

And The Last Queen of Tahiti, directed by Adeline Darraux, which focuses on the life of the Tahitian princess Aïmata Pomaré, and which should be ready by the end of the year.

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