France: Emmanuel Macron he really turned against Léa Seydoux?

France: Currently showing, “France”, a new feature film by Bruno Dumont, in competition at the last Cannes Film Festival, opens with an astonishing sequence: Emmanuel Macron at a press conference. Did he really act for the film? Reply!

Emmanuel Macron did act for Bruno Dumont? Seeing France, the filmmaker’s new film recently in competition at Cannes and on display since Wednesday, September 25, the question may arise.

The comedy, fierce satire of the media, opens with a funny sequence taking place during a press conference led by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron.


During this scene, we discover Léa Seydoux in her character, that of a journalist, and giving the change to the character of Blanche Gardin, also “present” at this conference.

If the sequence suggests that it is an ingenious montage from a real press conference, Bruno Dumont maintains the vagueness of the way it was produced.

In an interview with French movie, Bruno Dumont indicates: “This scene shows both connivance and connection, highlighting the closeness of politicians and media: it’s the same environment.

On a practical level, we requested an authorization to shoot from the Elysee Palace, which granted it to us and Emmanuel Macron agreed to play his role, without changing anything in his text. He’s a good actor who plays the President of the Republic well, but everything was written down and it was easier than you think.

In another interview given by the filmmaker from the Cannes Film Festival to Télé-Loisirs, the mystery is cleverly maintained, with this response in the form of a joke. “We called him, we gave him 20,000 euros cachet. By the day, that’s the price! He is a very good actor, he plays the President of the Republic well! No, I’m kidding, this is all cinema. If the filmmakers start telling you how they do it… You know it’s a total hoax. “

“I won’t tell you anything, but you have the right to ask me the question. Afterwards, it is not because a journalist asks a question that I have to answer. But I hope he will see the film, that will make him laugh I think. ”

Could the key to the “mystery” be found in the end credits? It says that archival footage was used. Thus, France would have used the same trick as Le 3:17 pm for Paris by Clint Eastwood which had also mixed images of a real conference in the presence of a President of the Republic, in this case François Hollande, and added images , trying to give the illusion that the president is interacting with the protagonists of the film.

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