Fragile by Emma Benestan: what is this solar and dancing romantic comedy?

Fragile by emma benestan: what is this solar and dancing romantic comedy?

Emma Benestan’s “Fragile”, a solar and dancing romantic comedy, carried by a charming cast, Yasin Houicha (“Stalk”) and Oulaya Amamra (“Divines”), arrives in theaters this Wednesday. We tell you why it’s worth a look.

What is it about ?

Az works for an oyster farmer in Sète. He knows oysters by heart, he opens them by the hundreds. In one of them, Az decides to hide a ring, to ask his girlfriend Jess to marry him. She doesn’t say yes. Fortunately, his group of friends are desperate to help him get his head out of the water.

Fragile directed by Emma Benestan, written by Emma Benestan and Nour Ben Salem. With Yasin Houicha, Oulaya Amamra, Raphaël Quenard … In theaters on August 25, 2021

A solar and dancing rom-com

Attention, nugget! Fragile stands out as one of the pretty surprises of the summer by its energy, the ardor that emanates from it and the freshness of its casting. With Fragile, Emma Benestan seizes the genre of rom-com by bringing a real touch of modernity.

As the director confides, the idea was to do “a rom-com 2021“by not hesitating to thwart expectations and break certain codes.”Male and female, we are all equally sensitive to heartache. We must put an end to the codes that lock us in and that lead us to think that a man should not cry when he is left, or that a woman should be happy only if she is fulfilling her love life together.“.

My film is the story of the different patterns around the emotional fragility that is everywhere around us, she explains. Current feminism must go through questioning the representations of both women and men. And questioning the feminine involves questioning the masculine, the two for me are inseparable and just as important. “

Algerian Dirty Dancing

Fragile also touches, giving pride of place to sensuality, dance and music. We think of Dirty Dancing among others, precisely “an Algerian Dirty Dancing,” as Emma Benestan sums it up. “The story of a boy who learns to dance for love. Fragile is also the myth of the inverted pygmalion. It is the woman who teaches something sensual to an ordinary man. It’s also a film about friendship with a bunch of fragile boys, oysters and women who don’t give in“.

To sublimate everything, Fragile can count on the care taken in the film’s photo, very bright and sunny. The filmmaker shot during the Indian summer in Sète. This city is also a pretext to evoke the shooting of daily series, like a malicious mise en abyme in the film via the characters played by Tiphaine Daviot and Guillermo Guiz.

The casting is precisely another strength of the film: we find one of the revelations of Divines, Oulaya Amamra, and we discover Yasin Houicha in his first lead role. Both give a lot of charm to the whole, surrounded by other young actors who are just as convincing.

It was important to me to make a film with young heroes of North African origin, to write them a love story, a romantic comedy., develops the Franco-Algerian filmmaker. Move away from clichés, not to talk about immigration, or the integration of young people who are often assimilated to thugs or delinquents, but to write a love film with them, for them where the raï would be highlighted. “

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