Fraggle Rock: The adventure continues on Apple TV+: the revival of the cult series

Starting January 21, the colorful world of Fraggle Rock comes alive on Apple TV+. The furry creatures of the 80s are reinvented in a new series. Meeting with the creative team.

What is it about ?

A reboot of musical and family adventures in the underworld Fraggle Rock where furry creatures named Gobo, Red, Boober, Mokey, Wembley and Uncle Traveling Matt live.

Fraggle Rock: The Adventure continues a series created by Matt Fusfeld, Alex Cuthbertson. On Apple TV+

To celebrate Fraggle Rock’s return in an all-new version, Fraggle Rock: The Adventure Continues, we sat down with series creators Matt Fusfeld and Alex Cuthbertson, one of its producers Halle Stanford, and the Fraggles themselves. , Gobo, Red and Boober.

How to present this new version of Fraggle Rock?

Alex Cuthbertson: The starting point for rebooting this show was Jim Henson’s original series, Fraggle Rock from the 80s. There was a great wealth of characters and we just enhanced the colors and humor of the original show. . I think this version is more impressive because of its epic side and all the adventures that the Fraggles will live. You will discover new creatures and lots of new songs. With the improvement of various technologies, the Fraggles seem more alive than ever.

Matt Fusfeld: I think that the Fraggles are even more topical than in the 80s. These themes of “living together”, of the “consequences of our actions” are really essential subjects today. I think it’s a highly educational series for children in addition to being great entertainment.

Halle Stanford: For all of us, this show was about bringing a lot of happiness and humor to the children of the world. It took years to produce this new series but I’m really proud of the result. The pandemic hasn’t made it any easier. But, with perseverance, we got there. In the end it is also a tribute to the series of the 80s.

The mindset is that of Jim Henson who wanted to educate children to create a world of love and peace. Obviously we have updated certain themes such as that of the family and what that means in 2022. We have even tackled themes as varied as personal hygiene, depression, the environment, in particular with the importance of water and the cleanliness of our oceans. Above all, it’s also an ultra rock‘n’roll series with a maximum of new songs.

Fraggle rock: the adventure continues on apple tv+: the revival of the cult series

Was there a certain technological revolution for the creation of Fraggles?

Matt Fusfeld: No, basically it’s the same process of creating the puppets. The evolution of technology is felt above all at the level of the sets, the design of the show, the lighting of the various film sets. The cameras we use also have better definition which makes the production much brighter and where all the details of the Fraggles are highlighted.

Alex Cuthbertson: 90% of what you see on screen is created in a completely real way. There are no digital or special effects. The magic really comes from the performances of the puppeteers. What talents they have! They are the ones who bring the Fraggles to life.

Halle Stanford: Beyond the technology, the real revolution that we had to implement was that of filming in the midst of the Covid-19 health crisis. It was not easy at all to put in place a safe and sound protocol for everyone. Especially since the Fraggles are close to each other and so our puppeteers were too. This created great intimacy and complicity among the members of the production team. I think it comes across on screen.

Fraggle rock: the adventure continues on apple tv+: the revival of the cult series

The Fraggles, what’s new in your universe?

Gobo: I love all the new adventures we have. I love exploring the various tunnels of Fraggle Rock and discovering new magical places. Every day is full of new adventures for us.

Red: We have a new waterfall in Fraggle Rock and I’m crazy about it. I also like that Boober has developed medical aid skills. We also have new songs like “Party down in Fraggle Rock” which is my current favorite.

Boober: Yes, I’m still learning to be a nurse and I like helping others.

Do you know what we humans go through?

Gobo: Looks like it’s not too happy right now with you. You should party more with good food and as much music as possible. We must do as we do at Fraggle Rock; you have to help each other. Even if we have differences between us, we always know how to live together.

Red: You have to know how to have fun and not take yourself too seriously. It’s very important to have fun.

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