Foundation trailer on Apple TV +: breathtaking images for the sci-fi series – news series on TV

Two months after a tantalizing teaser, Apple TV + has just unveiled the first real Foundation trailer, the adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s novels. Warning the eyes.

Foundation trailer on apple tv +: breathtaking images for the sci-fi series - news series on tv

Apple TV + is rolling out the heavy artillery with the new trailer for Foundation, its blockbuster series based on the best-selling novels by Isaac Asimov. And one thing is certain, the production has not skimped on the means to pay homage to the universe of science fiction – rich and inspiring – imagined by the writer.

Foundation plunges us 22,000 years into the future of Humanity, which took possession of the entire Galaxy. Mathematician Hari Seldon (Jared Harris) tries to warn the Galactic Empire that its fall is inevitable. But while its leaders (Lee Pace in the lead) turn a deaf ear, exiles discover that the only way to save it from destruction … is to challenge it.

Imagined by David S. Goyer (screenwriter of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight), this series is a huge bet for the platform. Many have tried to adapt The Foundation Cycle, without success. The development of the project has still seen some twists, such as the departure in 2019 of co-writer and co-showrunner Josh Friedman.

This did not prevent Goyer from being particularly ambitious and from having a plan in mind: the showrunner hopes to be able to make 80 episodes (or 8 seasons?) Of 1 hour each, if the success and the budget of the series. allow. The first season was shot in 19 months – COVID and restrictions oblige – between Ireland (where production has created more than 500 jobs), Malta and Spain for the aquatic stages.

Note that Apple TV + will launch three episodes on September 24. The other seven will be released on a weekly basis every Friday.

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