Found guilty: what is France 3’s new summer saga worth?

France 3 launches this Tuesday evening from 9:05 pm “Jugée Coupable”, its new summer saga with Garance Thénault. When a young woman finds out that her mother was murdered 25 years earlier, she will do everything to find out the truth …

What is it about ?

When Lola Brémond, 25, arrives at the Hôtel des Roches Blanches for a job interview, she quickly becomes disillusioned: there has never been an interview scheduled. Freshly greeted by Inès Leroux-Battaglia, the owner of the hotel, she does not understand.

She then receives a message which orders her to read the local newspaper and she discovers that a terrible crime had taken place precisely twenty-five years earlier and that it had terribly marked the region!

But, above all, the victim has a striking physical resemblance to her and for good reason … she will discover that she is his real mother, a young woman whose rumor, quick to judge, says that she had looked for this that had happened to him …

It is the beginning of an affair which, in a worrying climate of revenge and murders, will plunge Lola into a past she knew nothing about! An investigation into the identity of his father but also of his mother’s murderer as well as an existential quest to discover his own story.

Jugée Coupable is broadcast from Tuesday, August 17 at 9:05 p.m. on France 3 and is already available in full on Salto. Episodes seen: 6/6.

Who is it with?

In the cast of this summer saga made in France 3, we can find Garance Thénault who plays for the occasion Lola Morand and her late mother Manon Jouve. The face of the young actress is perhaps not unknown to you since she made her debut in Plus belle la vie, before stringing together small roles in Candice Renoir, Profiling or even Nina.

Pierre-Yves Bon, seen in Meurtres dans le Jura and La Garçonne will lend his features to Captain Clément Neuville while Vincent Winterhalter (Nicolas Le Floch, Le sang de la vigne) will be Michel Jourdan, the commissioner in charge of the affair on Manon’s murder.

The actor, screenwriter and director Jérôme Anger (Les enfants du secret, Le pont desoubliés) plays, for his part, the patriarch of the powerful Battaglia family. Aurélie Vaneck, who played Ninon for more than 10 years in Plus belle la vie, will play Gaëlle Jourdan, who will quickly become friends with Lola.

Elodie Frenck (Murders in Pont-L’Évêque), Ines Melab (Mental), Alexis Loret (H24, Les innocents), Farouk Bermouga (Tomorrow belongs to us) and Gabrielle Lazure (Un si grand soleil) complete the cast.

Finally, on the writing side, it is Franck Ollivier, a regular in the genre since he previously worked The Master of the Zodiac, Olivia and Le temps est assassin, who took care of the scripts.

Well worth a look ?

If in the early 2000s the summer sagas were on the rise (which does not remember Dolmen and Zodiac), they have become much less present over the past ten years. It was without counting on France 3 which decided this year to reconnect with the genre by offering its viewers Jugée Coupable.

And it must be said that the series in 6 episodes brings together the ingredients of any good saga of the summer that are respected: family secrets that resurface, a raven who is keen to unearth them all, castings composed of faces already known from the general public (Jérôme Anger, Alexis Loiret, Farouk Bermouga or Aurélie Vaneck to name a few), and surprising twists in each episode that keep us going until the final revelation.

To allow Judge Guilty to reconnect with the great tradition of summer sagas, France 3 called on Franck Ollivier, experienced in the exercise since he worked in particular on La Vengeance aux pieds clair and Zodiac. The screenwriter transports us directly to the rugged landscapes of our national Brittany to offer us a story made of betrayal, revenge, family secrets and murders.

Found guilty: what is france 3's new summer saga worth?


Garance Thénault and Pierre-Yves Bon

If the mini-series does not reinvent the genre by following on from what has been done previously, it is nonetheless a quality entertainment. The plot is well put together, without any downtime and does not draw in length thanks to its many twists.

From the first to the last minute, the viewer is embarked on the story, and awaits only one thing: the outcome. An outcome which also brings its share of surprises, which is rather admirable in a genre where the resolution is sometimes guessed from the second episode.

As for the casting, Garance Thénault, who gets here her first major role in a fiction, shines by its simplicity and its accuracy of interpretation. His playing partners are not to be outdone, notably Pierre-Yves Bon, the kind policeman who must make up for his father’s mistakes, or even Jérôme Anger, who takes pleasure in playing this powerful patriarch enjoying total control over his offspring. .

In short, Judged Guilty is the perfect series for this gloomy end of summer.

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